Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Can I Put You In a Box?

You may have guessed by now but I love a bit of self analysis.
Personality typing has always been fascinating to me.
Some people don't like to be type cast or put in little boxes.
But I don't see it that way.  I see it as a way of better understanding yourself, your reactions to things, the people around you and the relationships you have with those people.
Some of the personality typing or tests I have done either for fun or with a teaching staff as professional development are...

When I first took this test years and years ago I was INFP.
Today I'm ESFJ.  I'm such an enigma...LOL.

I'm Melancholy.

My best friend from college is now an Enneagram teacher and has presented at two Enneagram conferences in the U.S.A.
I love having Enneagram discussion with her. 
Originally when I heard about this I typed myself as a 1.
My friend later thought I might be a 4.
But after she videoed an interview with me and took it to her panel of experts, they thought I was probably a 9.  And as much as I would love to be a 4, 9 sits much more comfortably with me. (And comfort is a big thing for 9s!)

So if you have some spare time and feel like taking some tests, I'd love to know what you are.


  1. ooh interesting, I'll have to come back and do the first 2 later but I did the Enneagram and I'm mostly a 9 too and a bit of a 6 which is what I would have said.

    Thanks Thea

  2. This was really interesting to do. On the enneagram I scored a 7 which is right for me I think and I have a choleric personality lol!

  3. You can put me in a box. I have worked with some of those tests before (many moons ago, before children.)

    Myer Biggs I am, consistently, a INFJ. Even when I have tried to fudge it, LOL!

    Enneagram I am a 2: The Helper

    I love them.......'specially MBTI and DISC

  4. I agree - they're so interesting.

    I'm a Type 1, The Reformer: "always striving to improve things, but afraid of making a mistake". Yep, that's me!

  5. INFP probably very true. I have an indigo nature as many people have pointed out.

    Enneagram...Type 9...Peacemaker. Typical!

  6. Lurve these tests! The Enneagram, I'm a Two. Needy. Figures. With leanings towards a four.
    I'll come back tomorrow and do the rest :)

  7. MB - now, ESTP at school i was INFJ!!!! What the??????

    Enneagram - 7 every time even when i try not to be!!

    and I have never done the temperament test before - it said i was Melancholy but after reading it i say more Sanguine or Choleric. Will go research some more.

    Hey Thea, have you ever Eanneagramed the kids???? I used to in class and was always very interested - can't wait to work P out!!!

    Thanks for the fun blog!

  8. Libby - I remember you being a 7!
    I wonder what the kids are but haven't worked them out yet. Will have to consult my expert friend again. I suspect 'I' is a 5 like his dad. :)


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