Friday, May 7, 2010

99 Presents

Mother's Day is just around the corner.
I got my present a little early and I'm a very lucky mummy 'cause it's a LAPTOP!!
Yeah, it was supposed to be my reward for getting under 60kgs.
I didn't get there but my husband was tired of hearing me whinge about it thought I deserved it anyway.
And my mum called today to say her present arrived in the mail.  She loved it.  It was one of these bags, practical and helping a good!
My mother-in-law is getting one, too, on Sunday.  I hope she likes it just as much.

So presents are all taken care of this year, but I like wish lists.  And I had this idea today.
Remember the 99 Things post from a little while back?
Well, I thought this might be fun...
Here's a list of 99 gift options for Mother's Day, or any day really.
If you want to play along, copy the list, and bold the ones you want (yes, you are allowed to bold everything, if you want).  Then show it to someone who never might just get something you actually want for once.   GO!!

1.  Slippers

2.  Pyjamas (I love jamies)

3.  Chocolates

4.  Flowers (Pink ones please)

5.  Wii Fit

6.  Shoes

7.  Clothes

8. Gift voucher

9.  Camera (Only because my old one is dying)

10.  Cook Book

11.  Perfume

12.  Handbag

13.  Book/s (I'm dying to read Kylie Ladd's 'After the Fall')

14.  Music/CDs

15.  Sports clothes

16.  Make-up

17.  Skin care products

18.  Soap

19.  Lingerie

20.  Iron

21.  Foot spa

22. Massage

23. Vacuum cleaner (the one I have sucks, I mean doesn't suck!)

24.  Hair salon appointment

25.  Hot air balloon ride

26. Day out at theme park/zoo

27.  Sewing machine (and overlocker)

28.  Shopping bag (from Project 18)

29.  Bed linen (desperately need a new quilt cover)

30.  Scratchies

31.  Garden tools

32.  Ornaments

33.  Luggage

34. New car

35.  New house

36.  Luxury holiday

37.  Camping tent

38.  Camping gear

39.  Running shoes

40.  Dinner out

41.  Home cooked dinner (by someone else)

42.  Breakfast in bed

43.  Framed photos

44.  Handmade gifts

45.  Overseas holiday

46.  Cruise

47.  Kitchenwear

48.  Pedicure

49.  Sky diving

50.  DVDs

51.  Pushbike

52.  Bottle of champagne

53.  Jewellery (I love rings!)

54.  Glasswear (Yes, I still don't have a wine glass!!)

55.  Bottle of wine

56.  Crystal

57.  Painting/artwork

58.  Tickets to the theatre (I'd love to see Fame)

59.  Tickets to the opera

60.  Tickets to the movies

61.  Slow cooker

62.  Treadmill

63.  Island resort holiday

64.  Gym membership

65.  Whitegoods

66.  Computer

67.  i-Phone

68.  Magazine subscription

69.  12 months delivery of roses

70.  Mountain getaway

71.  Mountain climbing trek

72.  i-Pod

73.  Mystery flight

74.  Whale watching tour

75.  Coffee mugs

76.  Grand piano (this is permanently on my wish lists)

77.  Cleaner for a year

78.  Pool

79.  Ride in a racing car

80.  Tattoo

81.  Writing classes

82.  Singing lessons

83.  Sunglasses

84.  Watch

85.  Fluffy towels

86.  New furniture

87.  Dressing gown

88.  Prize home ticket

89.  Prize home

90.  Helicopter ride

91.  Ducted air-conditioning in every room

92.  An ironing lady

93.  A maid

94.  A nanny

95.  A donation to a charity

96.  Concert tickets

97.  Photo book

98.  A gardener (don't need one, my husband is an excellent landscaper/gardener)

99.  Laptop (I HAVE ONE, woohooo)

I could keep on going but I'm at 99 already?!
What did I miss??


  1. I would like a House Boy please. Or George Clooney.

  2. Awesome game, I'll be back later to pinch it ;)

    All I want is an iPhone... is that too much to ask?

  3. Great gift ideas, thanks for sharing Thea.

    Please forgive my American ignorance, but what's a pushbike?

    Today's guest bloggers are Lisa and Laura Roecker!

  4. Matthew - bicycle....ooops, sorry! :)

  5. I like this, very cool :) I'm going to have to pinch it too.


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