Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ring Ring

You know how some people have a shoe fetish?
Maybe you do.
I don't.
Don't get me wrong.  I love pretty shoes.  And I love comfy shoes.
I even did a guest post about shoes once.
About my comfy as, fluffy pink slippers, my wedding shoes, the most beautiful (and highest heels) I've ever owned, and my Doc Martens.  I haven't worn them for ages, but I did feel very cool when I donned the Docs.

I don't own a lot of shoes.  At any given point in time I'm usually choosing between two pairs every day, until the next season rolls around then I choose between another two pairs.
And I do love wearing heels but I do not like how my feet feel the next day!

Anyhow, I'm not here to talk about shoes.
My fetish, if I were to have one, would be rings.
To be honest, I don't have many of those either, but do I love 'em? Yes, I do!
I love sparkly.
I love diamonds.
I love pink.
I love pearls.
I love gemstones.
I love white gold (I would have platinum if I could afford it).
I love hearts.
Yeah, I'm a romantic girly girl.

These are the ones I wear every day...

My wedding and engagement rings on the left, and (what I call) my eternity/family ring on the right. (Modelled delightfully by my wooden kitchen utensil, it has much lovelier fingers than mine.)
I wear my eternity/family ring on my right hand because my fingers are very short and there's not enough room for three rings on one finger.
My husband bought my eternity ring when I was pregnant with our second child, who is now two.  I call it my family ring because to me the centre diamond symbolizes 'us' and the two side diamonds represent our two children.  The three tiny shoulder diamonds?  Grandchildren?? I don't know, I haven't come up with something for them yet.
I should probably tell our proposal story and how I came about getting my beautiful engagement ring. But I think I'll leave that for another post, another time...

I only ever wear these three rings, I never take them off...unless I'm making meatballs.

But, if I had loads of money, and ten hands, here are some more pretty rings I would love, love, love to own...

And now for a little guessing game.
I always notice rings.
I remember my friends' rings, my aunties' rings, my sister's rings (she has the prettiest rose gold solitaire!)
Do you know who these rings belong to?
Clue - they're all royalty.

I would love to know what your rings look like.


  1. Are your rings white gold or platinum? I'm curious to know how long the finish on white gold rings last as I believe they require 'treatment' every so often?

  2. Yes, mine are white gold, platinum was twice as expensive but I kinda wish we went with it now. They should be re-rhodium plated at least every 2 years (@ around $30 per ring) but I've had mine for 8 years and have only had it done once. They're in desperate need of doing again. Must get onto it! :)

  3. I have two (at the moment) One thin sliver band with a butterfly and one slightly thicker band with AD ASTRA written on it and To The Stars written on the inside. They both seem to want to be worn with the decorative parts facing downward so they just look like two plain silver bands. I love yours - very pretty :)

  4. I am glad to have finally found a woman who chooses between two pairs of shoes per season!!! I only know women who have like 10 shoes per week! I do have more during the summer though...
    Rings... they are my favorite jewelry and I like sparkly, too. I prefer yellow gold, it reminds me of the rings my grandma used to wear and my mom still does. From the rings you'd like to have, I simply love the pink pearl one...

  5. Lol Thea you are like me with shoes. I love them but I just wear the same two pairs all season and swap when it gets hot for the 2 summer shoes!! I LOVE rings. My fiance and I got engaged last year and he got me the most amazing ring I've ever seen/had in my life. I still stare at it all the time. I will twitter u a photo of it later. It is platinum with a thin gold band on each side, has a square diamond and 30 smaller diamonds around the square and down each side of the band. The jeweller who is a friend put a little pink diamond in the band as a gift. It is soooo lovely and I was soooo spoilt - i have never owned anything so lovely. Oops sorry for raving, I just love it so much!

  6. I'm not big on shoes either, pretty much have 2 pairs per season as well.

    Rings - I love them too. I wear white gold although now I don't wear them for obvious reasons. Only one I wear is a white gold, ruby & diamond one ex gave me just as a gift, no sentiment attached. It's on my right hand ring finger. All others are unadorned :(

  7. Well, I am fairly certain the top royal bling is Princess/Lady Di's engagement ring?
    As for me, I do love shoes, but my job means I wear a few pairs often.
    As for rings, I have a my plain gold wedding band that I always wear. My engagement ring was Hubby's Great Grandmothers, gold with pearls and diamonds. Diamonds are so old they are cut with less facets, I love it... but not the kind of thing you wear to work! I also have my grandmothers engagement ring, which is from the 1930's, gold again, with 3 diamonds. I love my rings, they are part of our family history. :)

  8. Well, you know I've been waitin' for a bit of bling for a while now. Some of those rings above are just gorgeous! It'll happen one day. Really, it will.

    (Bling-less) fingers crossed.

  9. Oh oooo, thea, have you been to the Scarla jewellery website? Gorgeous things you may like......

    And I am laughing too.....the only reason I ever take my rings off is for meatballs too.....

  10. I love rings too and they are my fetish. I blogged and took photos of most of them in February. I know that one of the royalty rings is Princess Diana's but no clue about the rest.

  11. Tehe Thea I did a post on my shoe fetish the other day ;) I'm definitely a shoe girl, not a jewelery one- I only wear my wedding ring, which is a plain gold band. i do have a massive sparkler as an engagement ring, but it scratches the kids when I'm changing napppies, so I don't wear it (and I'm terrified of losing it).

  12. Wow! Some lovely bling on this post! My bling is so very simple. I have a single solitaire diamond on a gold band. It is set in a small white gold bed. My wedding ring is plain gold too.

    It's simple. I love it. It's not ostentatious. We were trying to renovate our house when we got engaged.

    Sorry I have not visited in a while xxxx


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