Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Frock Up!

I saw a link on Twitter this morning about a dress, so I had to have a look.
It was a link to The Bloggess's website.
I have heard about The Bloggess but hadn't looked at her blog before.
I loved what I saw so much that I'm finally following.
I don't really know why I resisted for so long.
Anyway, this is what I saw...The Traveling Red Dress, please click and check it out.
It's not just the dress that is amazing but the concept...brilliant!!
So it got me thinking, as most things do, about how much I love dresses.
And how nothing makes me feel as amazing as being in an amazing dress.

My wedding dress is the most amazing dress I've ever worn.

I also felt pretty darn spesh in my deb dress...oh come was the 80s!!

And I adored my flowergirl dress...stop was the 70s!
(I still can't believe they gave me that old lady hairdo...I was 4!!)

I've never owned a strapless dress, but I must confess I have tried one on, a wedding dress, when I wasn't even getting married! I was with a friend who was, she talked me into it. And I loved it.  It was a Wendy Makin design, black velvet bodice, ivory silk full skirt, it was divine.

And as much as I would love to wear the Traveling Red Dress (but only if it was pink, I don't have the confidence for red) just for fun, I don't know if I could. I'd be too self conscious...but I can dream about it.

In my dreams, if I could wear an amazing dress just for fun I might go for something like this... another colour...not sure what colour?

Looking at dresses like these makes me want to get creative again.
I'm not a writer but those of you how are, you know that feeling you have when there's something in your head that you need to get out?  I get that feeling with designing dresses.  I'm not great at it, I haven't studied it, but I absolutely love it. It's my passion. I have over 100 drawings in my folio.  I haven't done any for ages.  This might just get me drawing again.

I told you I'm not great, and I'm a little nervous about showing my amateurish drawing, but here's one of my favourites...

Yes, they all have names. It's as much fun as naming babies!


  1. your wedding dress is gorgeous ... love it!

  2. Gorgeous, Thea! Loved all of this post. You should look in to dressmaking or something. I reckon you'd be great at it!

  3. OMG. Thea, I love your design!

    Maybe when I get married you can make my dress ;)


    I done a post on dream wedding dresses the other day:

  4. Love your dresses, but I had to laugh because my sister had the same old lady hairdo as a kid!

    Thea, that drawing is AMAZING. I was scrolling down and thought that was a professional drawing of a dress you wanted to own, but YOU did it! You are a very talented woman. Would love to see more of those drawings!

  5. Oh Thea, those photos are adorable. Your wedding dress is a dream. xx

  6. Your wedding dress is gorgeous!! That design is beautiful too. Would love to see it with colour and material ideas. You should definitely look into something like dress making.

  7. definitely do more drawing, you are EXCELLENT! Love the pics, thanks for sharing. x

  8. perhaps you need some of I's entrepreneurial drive to keep you motivated.

  9. Oh awesome. I lurve your wedding dress. I'm gunna play this one too ;)

  10. What do you mean you are not a writer??? Ummm, I beg to disagree! ;-) Coz I love what I read on this blog, and you write that!

  11. So many people were touched by that post. It's really so inspiring :)


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