Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Circle of Bloggers

I'm a Scorpio. Poke me with a stick and my tail will be up and ready to sting, just like that!

It was brought to my attention this morning that a blogger who caused me a lot of grief awhile back had struck again.

This led me to think about blogging etiquette.  Surely there are some things you just don't do as a blogger.
I'm fairly certain if I Googled it I'd find someone has already outlined the dos and don'ts of blogging.  But I don't feel like Googling, I'm just going to throw my 2c in and tell you what I think.

I think it is wrong to lift any words or comments from another blogger's blog and put them into your own.
Even if you link them to your blog.
It is incredibly upsetting and confronting to stumble across a blog that has your words and name and someone writing judgements all over them.
I don't care how you phrase it, that is as bad as kicking someone in the back to me.
Don't do it!!
If you don't like what someone has said, tell them on their own comment page where they can respond and it's all in context.

And while this wasn't happening to me, this time, it felt almost at bad. All those horrible feeling came rushing back.  It's like school yard bitching.  Being 'authentic' to me is not believing your own opinions are more important than the words and feelings of others.

The bloggers' circles are quite small.  If you're writing about another blogger, they're more than likely going to read it.  If you're blogging about a's probably less likely they'll read it.  There is no comparison.

Fortunately there are a different bloggers' circles.  It's very apparent from the comments you read on a person's blog which circle they belong to.  Some circles are quick to knock others.  Other circles are supportive and friendly and caring. 

I LOVE my circle.


  1. I love your circle too. Well said Thea. xxx

  2. Agreed. Maybe, I think, some people just like to ruffle feathers.

  3. I Agree 100% in no way should "she" have taken anyones comments/posts and put them on her blog without asking first! Who cares if you linked them back !!
    Down right rude and no need for it!
    By the way is this how she gets all of her followers. ??

  4. Very well said.

    Your circle is lovely, as are you.

  5. Well written Thea. I love my circle too. I am so glad you are a part of it. Love ya. xxx

  6. Love you, Thea! And I love this circle too.

    Without passing judgment on the blogger in question, as I did kinda get the point she was trying to make, I really did disagree with the way the post was written. Each time I read over it, it just seemed more hypocritical. And I didn't realise until this arvo that it had happened before!

    I don't want to get into a whole high school bitch fest, but basically, I love you, I love your blog and I love our circle. Awww. I feel like we should do a group hug now x

  7. Epskee, I don't see anything nasty that Thea has written in her post today?

    I have a disclaimer on my blog that says that


    This amazing little blurb (that I forced my lawyer sister to explain to me) means that everything that I write on my blog is MINE.
    That means if some mole comes along and wants steal what I've written, I am covered and I can sue their asses off.
    Not that my writing is amazingly awesome or anything, and my blog isn't popular at all, however what I write on my blog is my thoughts, opinion etc.

    Someone taking a post off someones blog and then dissecting what they have written to be nasty and cruel is called bullying and it's disgusting.

    I have a wonderful circle of bloggers, they are loyal, loving and kind. And while I have never had a negative comment on my blog (I wouldn't actually publish one anyway) I know that if I was to ever have a troll on my blog, or someone take something from my blog to be used in a mean and nasty way I know that my friends would most certainly defend me in a mature way, much the same as Thea has done here.

  8. Epskee, my disclaimer will stand up in a court of law, everything that goes on my blog is written in a word document first and then emailed to me, giving me a time stamp and proof of ownership. Just for your FYI.

    I am also not involved, I haven't seen the post in question, I'm just commenting in what Thea has written today.

  9. Ahh blog dramas. Hence the reason I don't blog seriously anymore :)

    That person shouldn't of linked your blog anyway.. as that's just citing a flame war and that's against blog ettiquette no matter what website. It's wrong.

    The internet. And you thought highschool was over.. hehe

  10. A scorpio huh? Know them well. My niece is one too. ;)

    Thea - I love that you're never afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve. That's a wonderful trait, because it is so freeing.


  11. I have no idea what this is about or the post people are referring to.

    Must admit, my thoughts are if it is on the www then it is free slather. I put the copyright thing on too, but with the laws governing internet rights being so vague, doubt it means much.

    And if I feel strongly or passionately enough about something written, yes I do post on my own blog (as evidenced way back on my own blog in reference to a book review on another blog).

  12. Wow, someone actually does that? What a sad life they must lead?

    Amber x

  13. I'm with Amber - this is actually a problem? This makes me so sad, that people are being made to feel bad by someone who is doing the same as them - putting themseleves out there...and thats the thing - blogs, as public as they are, are personal. If you write about a public issue, sure, you can expect some comments of various niceness, but one hopes that in blogs where one is writing about themselves people will be kinder. In a "if you can't say something nice, or helpful, don't say anything at all"
    This makes me sad because it has made you sad at a time when you don't need to be made to feel sad many *hugs*

  14. Back to add: There is obviously some history here. It is similar to irl, we are only human and the impact someone has with a post is tied in with past actions and words.

    P.S. Scorpio as well.

  15. I can understand your hurt and anger. Being a Scorpio myself I would probably feel the same. I follow both of your blogs and find them both entertaining. I'm new so I really don't want to be taking sides, but just for interests sake (and for my own personal knowledge in the future) I did Google the do's and don'ts of blogging. I found this page and this and had a read through. It actually condones what you are saying is wrong. So long as it's linked back. This is all discussion forums. It's all personal opinion and at some point in time those opinions will probably differ. I don't think she was attacking you all personally, I think she was just bringing something to light which didn't sit right with her. She didn't worry about the outcome. Didn't worry about what people think of her. Who gives a shit what people think of you and your opinions, so long as you're being the best you can be and are happy with who you are that should be all that matters. This really does just prove how conditioned we are to pick each other apart, regardless of what that bitching is directed at. We try to stand united but the smallest thing divides us too easily.

  16. I deleted epskee's comments because they don't belong here.
    My blog is not intended to be a forum, if you don't like that, don't come here.
    I'm here to connect and relate to others. Not to cause fights.
    Say something not kind about my other commenters and I will delete it.
    I'm not aiming for PANDORA, whatever that is anyway.


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