Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Life Is Good

My good blogging buddy Lucy at Diminishing Lucy has passed this very pretty award onto me.
I love pretty things so I can't wait to put this on my side bar.

If you haven't visited Lucy's blog yet, you simply must right now...

The questions that come with this pretty award are:

What do you do when you’re bored?

Eat (I know, dammit!)

Are you an autumn, or a spring?

Autumn, no Spring, no Autumn.  I can't decide.

Quick! You’re stuck at an airport for hours, and the only options are crossword puzzle, or an old novel nobody’s ever heard of. Which would you pick?

Depends how long I'm stuck for. I could go for both.

Jane Austen or Emily Bronte?

I have a Jane Austen collection.  Love her stuff.

Do you feel prepared for the five other questions coming your way?

Well, I am a little sleepy (it's 6am) and a little indecisive so I'm feeling a bit of trepidation.  Thanks for asking.

Who’s your hero?

I don't really have a hero

Favorite word?


Are you one of those “checklist” people, or are you a “wing it and hope everything goes well” sort of person?

Checklist. Couldn't live without my lists.

What phrase has stuck with you in your life?

Oh my God!

If you were to choose between coffee and tea. . . which would you go with?

Coffee.  Had a tea aversion when I was pregnant with No.2 and haven't been able to drink it since.

I know I keep picking the same blogs, but I'm passing this award onto...

Bern @ So Now What
Jodie @ Mummy Mayhem
Shelly @ Tropical Mum
Megan @ Writing out Loud
Naomi @ Under the Yardarm
Michelle @ Michelle Dennis Evans
Sarah @ Ah, the possibilities!
Kerri @ Life and other Crises
Jayne @ The Best of all Possible Worlds
Cate Bolt @ An Ordinary Life


  1. I am giggling that me and my best blog buddies ALL POST AT THE SAME TIME EVERY MORNING, LOL! xx

  2. One day... one day, I shall be worthy of a Thea award. I shall, I tell you, I SHALL!

    Well done on the award, I am bouncing back into commenting mode once more...

  3. Oh yay! Thank you... and I will get on to it soon, I promise!
    And I love reading lists like this, gives me an insight into my blogging buddies xxx

  4. Thank you so much, Thea! You gorgeous thing. Will get on to this ASAP!



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