Friday, May 14, 2010

Thank You, Jodie

I would like to thank Jodie for the most amazing thing I have been a part of since I joined the blogosphere.

We all want to put our best face forward.

Most of us usually put flattering profile pics on Twitter, Facebook, or our blogs.

But Jodie, do you know what you have done?

By putting the 'real' you on and encourage us to, you have let us all enter the real life world of some of the people we interact with online every day.
We see our real life friends looking a bit daggy, tired, unglamourous sometimes...or a lot depending.

But now, I feel like I've been to a pyjama party with some of my online friends that I would really love to meet and know in real life.  And if not a pyjama party I feel like I've just been visiting them at their place for a cuppa and a chat.

I feel like I know everyone a little better in an unpretentious way.

Thanks everyone for letting me a little more into your world.
I've spent the day (yes, it's taken all day) smiling a very broad smile at so many gorgeous faces.
And you know what makes them gorgeous?

The things I already know about them from their kind, thoughtful and suportive comments.  They are fun and wise and witty.  And that's the beauty that I saw today, written all over their faces.

And the most heartwarming thing has been reading and writing comments on all of the blog posts.  Everyone is saying the most beautiful things to each other.
It's a feel-good day of gigantic proportions.
I am so proud to be a blogger today.

So, once again, a big thank you to Jodie.
A round of applause please.
Or better yet, let's raise our glasses...

To Jodie...

I wonder what your next brilliant idea will be.
No pressure or anything. ;)


  1. Cheers Jodie!

    And Thea, I am so so glad you did this post.... Today has been really remarkable and your post articultes pretty much exactly how I have felt about todays blogging has been crackling with such positive energy.

  2. Said so perfectly Thea. I love that you described as a bit pyjama party with your Twitter Friends - that's so what it has been like. It's been so amazing. The compliments and beautiful women given each other so much positiveness - there should be so much more of this in the world!

  3. It's been amazing hasn't it! I've been to 90 blogs today and every time I refresh Mummy Mayhem there are more and more. It's so great to be a part of something like this.

  4. It has been very uplifting to be a part of.

  5. Hasn't it been an awesome day, so much love and appreciation of other women, just as they are. I hope everyone who participated can carry that respect for a woman just as she is into their life in the future, because, as we know, women can be each other's worst nightmares!

  6. I've seen all these gorgeous girls in my blog travels today..all nude (umm makeup wise) and looking so good!!

  7. I couldn't agree more. It was just awesome, I'm so happy I was a part of it. A standing ovation, i think, for Jodie.

  8. Said so beautifully Thea... a word that has ben used a lot today for good reason. What an amazing day it has been. :)

  9. Oh, Thea. You've got me all teary!

    You put that so very beautifully, and I thank *you* for saying such gorgeous things.

    I may have started it off, but it was the contribution of all the beautiful women out there who really made Bloggers Without Makeup what it was. Without more and more getting involved, the message wouldn't have gotten out there from my one little bloggy.

    So, I raise a glass to everyone, including you my very dear and gorgeous, Thea.

    Here's to next year!


  10. Hasn't it just been the most amazing experience. I'm still thrilled - and have a hell of a lot of blogs to work through {and the numbers just seem to keep climbing}. I loved your post with the range of shots you've posted {funnily enough, I prefer the pre-photo shop version of your 40th photo}. You look amazing, thank you for sharing.


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