Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wipe it, and Wipe it Good!

The humble Aldi wipes are revered in this house.  Well, by me, anyhow.

I/we use them for everything.  I still have a two year old in nappies so that's the first and foremost reason for their existence.

But they are also excellent cleaning wipes, I use them on the floor, the couch, the carpet, clothes, cuts, windows, name it, I use it.

My five year old son has also discovered they're so much nicer on your nose than tissues.  And when you've got a cold, they make a big difference!!

And of course we use them to wipe faces, hands, feet, whatever when we're out at the park, at someone's house, at a coffee shop, a food court, at Maccas or at home.  There are often three packs on a picnic table for playgroup at the playground.

We have one pack in the car, one in my handbag, one in the nappy bag, one in my two year old's bedroom and one in the kitchen!

But alas, my Hubba Hubba from Hoob Land (sorry I watch way too much children's television) has had a little dummy spit about how many wipes we go through.  He is the Aldi shopper (I'm the Woolies/Coles shopper) and used his cranky voice saying he buys two packets every two or three days.

Well, of course he wouldn't be a man if he didn't exaggerate, would he?
Where do men learn to count and tell the time anyhow?  It's always sooooooo far off!

So, it seems I'm back to the old fashioned cloth rags, the ones I have to wash and reuse rather than just tossing those filthy germs in the bin.

Yes, yes I know...I was being very un-green.
If you want to hit me with a big environmentally friendly stick, go ahead, I can take it.

No, on second thought, I can't.
I'm still a little fragile from yesterday's news.

Rephrase...if you have something nasty to say please refrain, just for today.
'Cause you say it best, when you say nothing at all.


  1. haha I use our wipes for the same things. They're fantastic!! I had to cut back on household cleaning with them when we started going through a few packets in a week!

  2. My IL's own a bridalshop. They use baby wipes for getting marks off dresses. And I used to use them to get off grease paint set with talc when I was clowning.

    So it worries me just a little how much oil they are stripping out of the bub's skin? Ah well. I rinse them under water before use. too lazy for cloth wipes too! ;)

  3. we use them for all those uses and more, except the main reason for buying them and that is none of my kids are in nappies any more LOL Can you go and buy your own stash from aldi so hubba doesn't know??

  4. ooohhhh! I love wipes! And aldi ones are great! My youngest is 9..... years that is, so I really have no excuse. But I dont care!

    They work great on stainless steel, and are the BEST.THINGS.EVAH. for cleaning the floor in the toilet. (you know, the seperate room with all the angles and 'cant fir a mop in here' bits)

  5. I'm germphobic thanks to my lack of immune system and I LOVE Aldi baby wipes. I have no excuse except I need to be completely germ free at all times and I carry these with me everywhere. I've got about 3 packs scattered around different rooms in the house, in my cars, and always one in my bag.

    Gosh.. all of us commenting are doing Aldi a service praising them today! I say they should give us all a free carton each!!!

  6. So the big question I have is ... do you fold or scrunch these wipes? Or do they work best when scrolded? hehe.

  7. Baby wipes are brilliant - must start buying them again...had forgotten how good they were :)

  8. In my handbag I have a packet of wipes. Not just the kids that get sticky hands.

    We still use the poop bags when we walk the dog, that is.

  9. Have you read my post about green guilt? Yeah. Thank you for the green things you do do, (teehee, I said "doodoo!") and you're forgiven by the environmental gods for the things you don't.

    Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I'm totally a wipes addict, too.

  10. We use them for EVERYTHING as well :) We can be unfriendly together ;)


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