Friday, May 21, 2010

Two Year Old Tantrums At Two in the Morning!

What's worse than a two year old's tantrum?
A two year old's tantrum at 2am!!
Yep, we've had a couple of those lately.  Including one last night.
Who knows what they're about, because as you would know if you've lived through one, they are highly irrational.
All I know is that all she wanted to do at 2am was throw her bottle in the kitchen sink.
Ah ha, you heard.  Throw it in the sink.  Then she wanted me to get it out, only so she could throw it back in.
All of this accompanied by the usual crying, screaming and throwing herself on the floor.
The kitchen by the way is right beside the five year old's bedroom so I was most concerned she would wake her brother.
Let's just say I don't have a lot of patience at 2am.
So my attemps at calmly soothing her back to bed ended with the third bottle toss.
Thankfully the five year old didn't wake up, but her dad did.
And what does he do?
Quitely, calmly says, "What's wrong bubby?"
Then what does she do?
Promptly holds her arms up to him for a cuddle, starts sucking her bottle and goes back to bed, in our bed.
How do I feel?
Defeated...yet thankful.
Oh well......


  1. We can never begin to understand what goes on in the mind of a two year old and why daddies seem to have that magical calming power that mums don't always have. These are two of the great mysteries of life. Hope u get a rest today. xx

  2. Gah how frustrating! 2am?! My God. Well... at least Mr. 5 didn't wake. And at least she went back to sleep! I hope she lets you get some well deserved sleep over the next few nights xx

  3. Haha, thank goodness for Daddies! x

  4. We had similar nights! Slightly different reactions.

  5. Gotta love 2 year olds!!! Thank you daddy!!!
    Be a fun mum also blogged about her 2 year old!

  6. We are having the opposite at the moment, Mummy's cuddles are the place to be! Won't last as Daddy has more of the 'novelty' factor

  7. At first, I thought maybe she was actually asleep - you know, "night terrors" or something. But the fact she calmed down and went to Hubby...

    Tantrums in the middle of the night - that's hard work. I hope you feel ok today and not too tired!


  8. Arrrrggh. Little madams.

    You know what? That is so not about the bottle throwing. Or about Mummy versus Daddy.

    It's about power. HOW THE HELL DO THEY GET THAT AT AGEd TWO??!


  9. My daughter turned 25 today and I STILL remember being in tears at 2 am because she wouldn't sleep! Sorry, that probably didn't help!

  10. Sorry to hear that bubby kept you up, but glad to hear that someone was able to calm her.

    I never understood the temper tantrum thing in the middle of the night, it was so irrational. I would often go for the just holding and cuddling and usually it worked, with the youngest, but the older one always wants his Dad, even when he was a baby.

  11. Ugh. Don't you hate but also love that!

  12. Ugh. It's so infuriating isn't it! Fingers crossed for a better night tonight xxx

  13. Oh dear. You are not having an easy time of it what with bedtime dramas and the like.

    My husband is a bit the same. He can calmly diffuse a situation with a minimum of fuss and extreme patience.

    I am grateful but how ANNOYING!


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