Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hump Day Happiness

I'm linking up with my good blogging buddy Naomi at Under the Yardarm for Hump Day Happiness again this week.

This week is a good week.

I'm finally getting some semblance of a social life, which I am pretty happy about!

So, three things that have made me smile this week are...

Making things. I've been knitting hats and scarves and making a sleeping bag for my neices and nephew. Making things makes me very happy.

Today I had lunch with a friend (child free). I was so excited about this I was practically skipping around the house this morning.  Well I was on the inside anyway!

This afternoon we went to school to see our five year old in his first play. This made me grin like the Cheshire Cat.  I love watching little kids' performances and when one of the little kids is your own little kid, it's a million times better!  Especially when he is the master who is given a bag of wool by the black sheep.


  1. Yeah for Happy hump days! Glad to hear you're sounding happier - I've missed that.
    Yeah also for your little man and being 1 of the many stars in a prep play. May this happines continue.

  2. Good on you hon. I wish, wish I could be crafty. The little hat you showed the other day was so gorgeous.

  3. Yay for feeling happier! And really, seeing your own child in a play is one of those parenting moments you always treasure! xxx

  4. Your post has given me a lift of heart. xx

  5. Sounds like a great week for you so far Thea and it hasn't even finished! Hope there is more happiness in store for you xx


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