Monday, June 14, 2010


Today I'm going to count how many times my two kids (who are five and two) ask me to do something for them.
I hope I don't lose count.
It's a public holiday and we're going for a drive to the coast so these things may affect the normal tally.
However, I've started, I've been up for one hour, and I'm up to ten so far.

Common requests include -

I need a drink
I'm hungry
A washer (my two year old loves to suck them and clean her hands)
Change me
Put a movie on
I'm cold
I'm finished (which means take away my plate/washer/cup/etc)
What does this say? (my five year old needs me to read something on his computer game)
Turn a game console on
I need to go to the toilet (my five year old still needs help, we're working on it!)
Blow bubbles
Swing (that means push my two year old)
Trampoline (that means I have to get in and jump with my two year old)
Open the play doh
Find/fetch a particular toy/item
Read a book
Do a puzzle
Draw a picture
Put shoes on
Take shoes off
Help pick up/put away something
Change nappy
Play a game

I only have two kids, so I can only imagine how many times mums with more would be up and down, running to and fro.
I'm not saying 'poor me'.  This is what mums do.  It's tiring, it's draining, but it's all part of the job that I love.  I'd much rather be doing this than anything else.

I'm just curious.
I'm a bit of a counter.
Sometimes I liken myself to The Count from Sesame Street.
I often find myself counting crazy things.

So, today I'm counting "Muh-um"s.... (14! ah ha ha)

I'll be back later with the tally.
(I wish I had one of those click-a-button-counter-thingies)
While I'm gone let's play a little guessing game.
Why don't you have a guess and tell me what you think it will be in the comments.
Don't cheat and scroll to the end, now.

It's 11am and I'm up to 50.

So what do you think?
Have you guessed?

4:30pm, 100.

Phew, I'm back, the angels are tucked into bed and hopefully fast asleep.

The answer is.....

One hundred and thirty-eight! (ah ha ha)
(Give or take a few because I didn't have a click-a-button-counter-thingy)

I was called or asked to do something by my two children 138 times today!
Are you surprised?
I'm not really.
I suspected it would be somewhere between 100 and 150.

Do you know of any other job where you would have 138 requests to be acted upon immediately in one day?
That is...immediately!
Not requests that you can put in your in-tray.
Not requests that you can file away for later.
Not requests that you can write on your To Do List.
Not requests for you to do something when you have finished whatever it is that you are currently doing.
But 138 times in one day you are asked to do something and do it NOW!

Being a mum isn't just a full time job, it's a full on job!


  1. People always say that being a mum is tougher than a full time office job, and when you put it like this, I can see why! So tough, but so worthwhile, I'm sure! xx

  2. Oh I can so relate ... lately I have taken to using my hubby's favorite saying "what - are your legs painted on?" The other day my little angel said Mum can you get me an apple please my legs are painted on. Hysterical!

  3. Great post Thea! The requests do get less as they get older. Everynow and then I long for them to be little again, but now I'll remember 138 requests and I'll probably get over it real quick!

  4. studies show being a SAHM is the equivalent of working two 40 hour a week jobs! Hats off to SAHMs, and the Mamas who work AND do all this too!

  5. Tehe we need to get you a clickycounte thing, Count Thea.

  6. I love to count! Hah hah hah hah!

    Ah, there was always something so sexy about The Count, wasn't there- or was that just me?

    Anyway, I digress... great blog! It does get better as they get older- though I don't think the demands ever dry up altogether. Just make sure you get your revenge by living long enough to make them fetch and carry for you!

  7. Hysterical! And it's even worse when they're sick! I feel like I haven't stopped waiting on my boy since he got sick 10 days ago!! I get it though.

    I must count how many times I'm asked something on a daily basis by my kindy class...
    Is it 20 children x 138?? Phew!
    Wendy xx

  8. Thea, you rock my world. I am, as I type, printing out your post, to fluro hi-light the key figures,and slapping it under lovely husbands nose....xx

  9. That takes me back - having had 4 children I think even The Count (who by the way I love) would fall over for trying to keep track.

  10. O.M.G
    I keep saying "Can`t wait til my baby can talk" but this has made me rethink that!

  11. Imagine what it would be if you included requests from hubby for help. "Honey, where are my socks?" or because I'm the only one who knows how to cajole the electronics to work: "Help, the printer is not working!"

    This was a most brilliant post that I shall retweet now.

  12. I totally have to do this, mine are also two & five so it'll be interesting :)

  13. And the number doesn't decrease the more "independant" they get either...still the same - so so many calls for attention...GAH

  14. I KNEW it was a lot! Gosh! What a great idea to do that, Thea. I enjoyed it. And every request I get on a daily basis too.

    Loved it. x

  15. Hehe, very interesting! It would also be interesting to work out how far you walk in a day carrying out all these requests, how many times you sit down and stand up again etc etc! If you had this much hassle from your boss at work you'd be looking for a new job (or taking them to a tribunal!!)


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