Monday, June 28, 2010

Mummy Heaven

I am in Mummy Heaven.

This morning is the first morning of school holidays.
This is a newish experience for us having my five year old just starting school this year.
There were the Easter holidays but they hardly count what with dealing with the Easter Bunny and all the travelling involved in visiting family.
These are the first holidays that we have nothing planned, we can just sit around in our warm jammies until 10 (or later) if we want.

This morning I actually forgot it was the holidays for a moment.
It was one of those mornings that my body got to wake itself up.
That never happens.
You know that other world between being asleep and awake?
Where your brain is slowly waking but you haven't yet opened your eyes?
I hardly ever get to wake up like this any more.
I'm always woken by someone calling my name, and I repond very quickly to that.
No lazy sleep-ins.
But this morning, in my half-awake world, I was dreading the usual get-ready-for-school routine.
And then I remembered...
I was praying the kids would sleep-in just a little.
And then like a little-boy-alarm-clock my five year old called out,
"Mum, it's 6:15!"
He's not to call me before 6am, but sometimes he does anyway.
Oh well, I thought, at least I got 'til after 6 this morning.
Then the most amazing thing happened.
My two year old heard her brother get up and she joined him in the lounge room.
This is where is gets good!
They played!
They talked!
They helped each other!
They NEVER do that!!!
I lay in bed listening, smiling, agog with delight.
This is so much easier.
This is why people can have more than two children.
So, what did I do?
I read a BOOK!! *
In BED!!!
See, I told you, Mummy Heaven.
And I FINISHED the book that I have been reading for months.

If you see a woman wandering around with a amazing Mummy Glow today, it will be me.

*The book I finished was Kylie Ladd's 'After The Fall'.  You must read it.  I absolutely loved it.


  1. Yay for holiday sleep-ins! x

  2. Oh bliss ... that was my mother's day treat. I finished Kylie Ladd's After The Fall while the kids made me breakfast and brought it to me to eat in bed. Moments like these are when the sleepless nights, the bodily fluids, and the clean-ups are all worthwhile. Loved that book also!

  3. I have another week to wait for this are making me anticipate it even more than usual!

  4. Awwww :) Sounds perfect, and so glad/relieved you enjoyed the book! I remember whem my kids were preschoolers thinking things would NEVER get any better/easier... then all of a sudden one day you find they are up & dressed by themselves, have made their own breakfast and are quietly playing/reading/drawing. It's amazing. It's wonderful. Hang in there!

  5. Enjoy!!!
    I read in bed today too... and we aren't really on holidays LOL

  6. We are yet to start school holidays. And then - our first week will be busy because the big boys are doing a soccer camp, and the 3yo might do a sports camp one day!

    But Week Two - I'm there. Pjs on. Books will be read.

    Agree with you on Kylie's book. FABULOUS!


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