Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Dutiful Housewife?

Here's a bit of fun for those of us responsible for keeping the house in order...
Are you a dutiful housewife?

Below is a list of household jobs (I can't say chores, it sounds American to me).
Using the different colours, highlight each one to show how it fits into your routine.
Now I'm nervous, this could be goes...

Jobs that are always done on time and are kept up to date (baring illness, injury or other unforseen events).
Jobs that are done fairly regularly, ones that you usually manage to keep on top of.
Jobs that are done only when you can't bear looking at the mess or filfth any longer.
Jobs that are only done when friends are coming over.
Jobs that are only done when your mother or mother-in-law is visiting.
Jobs that are as good as never done, or only done if you are selling or moving house.

The List

Washing laundry
Folding/putting away laundry
Washing walls
Cleaning the ceiling
Cleaning windows/glass doors
Washing window sills
Grocery shopping
Preparing meals for the family
Cleaning bathroom/s
Cleaning toilet/s
Cleaning kitchen benches/cupboard doors
Cleaning fridge inside and out
Cleaning the oven/microwave
Putting everything in its place
Changing sheets
Making beds
Cleaning under beds
Culling old clothes/toys/things

Well, that's as pretty as a rainbow!
But not too many blues and purples, oh dear.
How does yours look?

I am sure I must have missed some. If so, they are jobs I am obviously oblivious to.


  1. Hahhah! Luckily, the yellow ones - I can't read them without my I still think of you as a domestic godddess!

  2. LOL my rainbow would change colours - depending on what mood I'm in. Ha funny :)

  3. LOL - there needs to be a colour for Uni semesters - because then practically nothing happens! I spend my uni holidays catching up on all of the housework that I couldn't do while I was at uni. It takes weeks to whip the house back into shape (a malformed and untidy shape, but a shape nonetheless). Then classes start and it's all downhill from there! Maybe we could just colour that black - for dark, dark days. Hehehe


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