Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Weekend

We've just had a (mostly) wonderful weekend away at the family farm to celebrate my niece and nephew's birthdays.

Here it is on speed.

Friday night, finished knitting the final hat for my nieces.
Wrapped the birthday presents for my 12 year old niece (I made a hat + 2 scarves) and my 4 year old nephew (I made a sleeping bag).

Saturday morning we were in the car and driving away just before 7am.
Arrived at the farm just after 9:30am.
My husband was picked up by a friend to go climb a mountain at 10am.

Mum and Dad left for a funeral at 10:30am.
I had the big house to myself...oh, along with the kids.
Discovered the box of my Nan's old photos in the cupboard.
Had a wonderful time looking through them, even if I didn't know who some of them were of.
Got some time to read...ahhhhhh heaven!!!
Just before 2pm my sister's family arrived.
Much excitement as six cousins are reunited.
Went next door to my brother's house for the party at 2:30pm.
Party food, balloons, music (my brother is a DJ so lights as well!).
HAY RIDE....wooohoooo.....I love hay rides!!
Two birthday cakes!

Party games, party bags, lollies, chocolate, toys...
Back to Mum and Dad's where the cousins have movie night together.
Then six kids sleep in one room.
My sister and I had coffee and late night chat.
Only two kids woke, one was mine.
She joined me and her Dad at 3am.

And this is where we come to the (mostly)...

Three of us sleeping in a double bed did my back in good and proper!
Just after 9am we left the farm.
Before we leave Mum rang my Grandma to say we'd all call to visit.
(Grandma cried, so Mum cried, so I cried and it wasn't just because of my back).
On the way through town 12 of us visit my Grandma who has recently moved into the nursing home.
Then we visit my uncle who is in the same facility.
He turned 60 last year, is intellectually impaired and has gone blind.
I grew up in the house beside him on the farm and haven't seen him for years.
Nursing homes are often not the most fun places to visit, but I left feeling very happy for having visited.
We said goodbye to the rest of the family and drove all the way back to our home town.

So, packing, unpacking and bad backs aside...

It was a wonderful weekend.
How was yours?


  1. Sounds busy but lovely :) (Except for the back bit).

    Do you know, I actually miss visiting Mum in the nursing home. Perhaps I just miss her.

  2. Lovely to share in your weekend Thea. It sounds like lovely family time xx

  3. Please, please can you make me a scarf? I will happily buy it from you. You are so bloody clever!

  4. Hope the back is better soon. Sounds like a great family time and I am loving those hats. Where did you get the pattern and what wool did you use?

  5. Seraphim - of course I'd make you a scarf! :)

    Kakka - Here's the link to my crafty blog with the pattern for the hats. :)


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