Monday, June 21, 2010

(Lame) Claims To Fame

A Facebook friend has posted some photos of herself with famous people - Hi Kellie! :)

And that got me thinking....

I am so easily star struck.
So when I chatted with these three famous people, it was a big me!
It is regrettable that I don't have photos to prove it.
But these are true stories, hand on my heart promise.
Would I lie to you?

My first lame claim to fame happened while I was at college.
It was a regular Friday night, we were out at what used to be called "Charlotte's" (I have no idea what it's called now) and it just so happened that the whole Broncos football team were there that night also.
I get very brave after I've had a couple of drinks or more, and I had, so I thought it was only right that I should introduce myself to Allan Langer.
Why the hell not?
So I did.
The thing that struck me the most about him was the he was really really really short. I'm only 5'2" (and a bit) and I felt like I was eye to eye with him.
Anyhow, after blabbering on about who knows what to him, he told me he had a secret to tell me.
So what do you do if someone tells you they have a secret to tell you?
You lean your ear in, don't you?
And what did he do?
Stuck his tongue in my ear!
Yep, you heard, he stuck his tongue in my ear.
There's a fine line between cool and creepy with this one, but I'm going with cool because it was funny at the time.
But I have to say, I think the real creepy was when Gene Miles patted me on the tooshie, with his wife right beside him.....eeeeyyyyyyeeew!
At least Allan Langer was single.

My next little story involves Tom Long. My ex-sister-in-law was an actor. She was in a play with Tom Long in Sydney.  I think they had a little 'thing' going on at some stage so does that make Tom my brother-in-law-twice-removed?? 
Whatever, we went to Sydney for the weekend to see her in the play and then went out with the actors.  Well, call it jet lag (yes, it is only an hour and a half flight from Brisbane, I know!!), call it star-struckedness, call it never-having-drunk-so-many-martinis-in-quick-succession before, but....
I was ill.
Very, very ill.
In the 'ladies' of the lovely establishment we had been drinking in.
So ill in fact that I could not even open the door and walk out.
My lovely ex-sister-in-law was doing her very best to get me to just stand and open the door.  It was closing time and she ended up calling for reinforcements.
Ah ha, Tom came to my rescue. In the 'ladies'. He coaxed me to unlock the door then carried me out.
Where was my ex?? Yeah, good question! The night in shining armour certainly was not 'him' this night!
So, I know, it's not my proudest moment.
But Tom was such a gentleman.  He grew up in the country, of course he's a gentleman.
Seriously though, he was the nicest, sweetest, kindest actor I've ever met.
And I've met sooo many! hehehe

Other actors I was introduced to but never actually spoke to whilst having a family member 'in the acting business' were...Magda Szubanski, Steve Bisley, Rob Sitch, Deb Mailman, and Justine Saunders.

My third and final brush with fame was with Daryl Braithwaite *.
He played at our local suburban hotel in Brissy, yep, he was doing the big gigs.  After the show he was having a drink at the bar, and fueled by the aforementioned alcohol induced bravado, I felt the need to introduce myself...again.
I was calling him Mr Braithwaite, which he promptly told me to stop doing because I was making him feel old.
Anyway, he too, was a very nice man.  And loved it when I told him his tape (oh yes, it was the good old days of tapes) 'Rise' saved me from boredom on long drives when I lived in Roma.

My latest lame claims to fame are on Twitter.  I've had tweets from Rove, Joey Perrone, Jared Ingersoll, Daniel McPherson, Tara Moss, Cal Wilson and Myf Warhurst.
Rove was my first.
I begged for it.
I tweeted to a few famous tweeps "I haven't had a tweet from a famous person yet.  Wanna be my first?"
Rove tweeted "Sure" (It was only about a week after he got on Twitter so only had a few followers, not the 108,814 followers that he now has!)
It was only one word, but I jumped around the room singing "Rove tweeted me, Rove tweeted me!!"

So, your turn.
What's your lame claim to fame?
Or not so lame even??

*Please click on this link to listen to 'The Horses'....I love it!


  1. Wow! That's a pretty awesome list! I confess that I get EXTREMELY flustered when I see celebrities, and immediately shrink into the corner, afraid to approach them! Pitiful, really!!

  2. He stuck his tongue in your ear?! GROSS!

    Here's my list:
    - There are a few actors from Neighbours who live in the same area as me. I see them in Woolworths and along the main street and I just point and stare like an idiot.
    - We once saw James Reyne in a country town.
    - I went to the Australian Open with a friend when I was 8 years old, and after the game we met all these tennis players and got their autographs. I had no idea who they were, I just got them to sign my cardboard visor because my friend told me to. Then I threw it out a few years later, still not knowing who they were. Now their names mean something to me: Pat Cash, Wally Maseur, Jim Courier, and heaps more. AAARGGHHHHHH!!!

  3. Hmm, let's see...

    - I was a very tiny part of one night of an Adam Hills show (*swoon*) and met him properly a few days later (he very nearly put his hand on my fresh tattoo, which would have reeeeally hurt me and creeped him out)

    - I was an extra in the live action "Charlotte's Web" a few years ago, and met Dakota Fanning. She was so tiny and cute! Such a sweetie, too, when the AD wanted us to do something and a few people near me weren't listening, she gently told them off ;)

    - My main claim to fame is that Jimeoin made me a cup of tea once *blush*... I went along to be an extra in "The Extra" but didn't get in for that scene (I did a week later for a different scene though!) so I thought I'd hang around and watch the filming. In between takes, he chatted to me about everything. He noticed I was shivering and offered to get me a cuppa, and then said he'd told the cafeteria ladies that I could have as much tea as I wanted! That sparked off my love for Irish breakfast tea :)

    I also accidently swore in front of Lance Whitnall's three-year-old son and copped a massive death glare from him... but I don't like to speak of that lol

    I'll come back if I remember more. I have lots of Twitter celeb "friends" too ;)

  4. ok I have quite a lot but will just mention the noteworthy (IMO) ones...

    Last week I met Vanessa Amorosi and Molly Meldrum (for the 2nd time)
    I know Wendy Matthews quite well...enough that if we saw each other on the street, we'd stop and say hi
    I have met all 3 of Madonna's children...on more than 1 occasion....more than a dozen occasions actually
    I was invited to Guy Ritchies 40th birthday party last year
    A friend of mine works for Jerry Seinfeld
    Another close friend used to be Shakira's backing singer
    I have met Kylie Minogue

    that's enough for now....

  5. I LOVE this post! I was a cheerleader for awhile, and I hate to say it, but nothing surprises me about Alfie Langer.
    The story about Tom Long is hilarious - I've always had a crush on him so I'm now crushing vicariously through you. He's hot!

  6. Oh God, I love Tom Long. Dream come true. Can you organise a little meet up for my birthday. Kthx.

    My only lame claim to fame is meeting Greg Norman at a work do. He was so heavily guarded we got a photo and a handshake. Big whoop. x

  7. Ohhhmygod I am fascinated by famous people. I'm so easily starstruck, it's actually embarrassing.

    - Last weekend I found out that Matthew from Masterchef lives in my suburb. So I drove to his house and sat at the end of his driveway and watched him get into his dad's car. Stalker much?

    - I picked up my boyfriends 16yo sister from a house party later that night. On the way home, she asked me if I knew Lisa Wilkinson or Peter FitzSimons. IT WAS THEIR HOUSE. I was hysterical with excitement. Possibly the most exciting day of my life.

  8. Love famous people stories!! I've met quite a few, working for the Starlight Foundation. Most of them are just as cool as they seem.

    I may just blog about that sometime soon ;)

  9. I'm swinging with creepy not cool!!!
    I'd have many too if only I'd recognise famous peeps! LOL

  10. I'm very proud of my uber cool claim to fame...
    I got to meet and shake the hand of the President Obama and Michelle Obama.
    The president has very soft hands and Michelle is a lovely lady :-D

  11. I am also easily star struck. From Sunday - Tues I saw six 'celebs':
    Dave O'Neill, Iain Hewitson and Matt Preston at the cinema and Jason Coleman, John Jarratt and Derryn Hinch on the same fights as me.

    I've met lots of famous people - faves have been Darren Hayes and Callan Mulvey. I wrote Callan a letter and he wrote back!


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