Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pointed Finger

Are you good at defending yourself?

I'm hopeless at it.

On the weekend my sister good naturedly accused me of not looking at prices at the supermarket.  I don't know why, but she can pretty much say whatever she likes to me and I will not be offended.  Maybe because I know there's never any malice behind her words.

My husband on the other hand loves to poke me with an invisible stick.  As soon as he heard my sister's words he was finger pointing and agreeing and bringing up other similar accusations.  Why?  It's just what husbands do, isn't it?  He plays Stern Cop very well (funny that!) and I always end up sounding like a blithering, bumbling baby.  My response of self defense comes out something like this...

But I....but I....buddi...bidda...boooo!

I always think of the right thing to say later.  When it's too late, dammit!!

It was funny. I was laughing.  My sister was laughing.  My husband, I think, was serious.  Oh well.

What I was trying to respond with was that I do look at the shelf prices at the supermarket.  I just never remember them.  Some people can remember the price (or close to) of every item in the trolley.  I have no idea!  I compare prices and pick the cheapest, but what is the point of remembering the price?

Sorry, dear husband, my bad.


  1. Hi Thea,
    my husband is a price NAZI, so I can relate. And why fill your head with those numbers? They may just make you forget more important numbers... like your hubby's birthday hehehehe

  2. I am EXACTLY the same, and Hubby is EXACTLY the same. I check the prices at the time, but I always forget. In fact, I seriously couldn't tell you how much a 3 litre bottle of milk costs, even though I buy 3 of the darn things every week!

  3. Who keeps those figures in their head? FFS, life is far too short.

    I van feed a family of five on the smell of an oily rag on a fortnightly basis, but why would I want to retain those prices?!

    I also never defend myself to my husband. I just smile and offer that he is MORE than welcome to take over if he thinks I am slacking......

  4. Christie - price Nazi, perfect term, that's mine too!! :)

    Jodie - I am so glad I'm not alone! x

    Lucy - Haha, you just reminded me. After sputtering out nothing, I threw my hands in the air and said "OK, I resign as grocery shopper. You can do it!!" In front of my parents *cringe* LOL x

  5. Ahh im the same i just buy whatever at the supermarket, i always throw out the coles and woolys catalogues without looking at them and hubbby says to me you could save some money if you atempted to look in there!

    Blahh Blahh
    1 day ill look i guess..

  6. I'm exactly the same - I have no idea how much anything costs! But I do compare it all at the time. It's just too useless to clutter your brain with - too much other stuff to store in there!

  7. I had another thought about this. Occasionally my SIL starts chuntering on how cheap stuff is from, say Coles. Like bargain soft drink discounted by 1.99 a bottle, or save $4 on a certain brand of washing powder.


    But it is only a bargain if it is a product we actually USE.

    A bargain is no saving at all if you pay for shite just cos it is cheap, if you never use it......


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