Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Killed Kenny!

Well, it wasn't Kenny. It could have been Kenny, if it had a name.
But it didn't have a name.
It was a baby gecko that my son had just been so happily talking about.
He wanted to know if we could keep it for a pet.
And I told him since it lived in our toilet*, it was our pet.
He wanted to put it in a box.
But I told him it would be much better for it to be able to run around wherever it wants.
And we could see it all the time so it could be our pet.
My boy went to sleep happy with that.
Then just before I went to bed, I went to the toilet,
and squished the damn thing with my sheep skin slippered foot!
Well it was hiding under the door, so when I pushed it open, I stepped right on top of it.
Oh God!
Silly little bugger, bad hiding spot!
I had that 'ick' feeling in my throat.
I don't know what was worse, knowing that I was a gecko murderer, or having to dispose of it!
I loaded up my hand with toilet paper and sent it off to the same burial ground that our dead fish go to.
Well, it was very close by.
I didn't have the heart to tell my boy.
Luckily there were two baby geckos living in the toilet.
So there's only one now, but maybe my boy won't even notice that one is missing.
I'm crossing my fingers!!
And I'll live the rest of my days knowing that I killed the gecko that could have been Kenny.

* By 'toilet' I don't mean the toilet toilet, I mean the room that the toilet is in. But who says toilet room?


  1. oh dont be so hard on yourself - was an accident. hopefully more geckos will want to come and play at your house :)

  2. Oh no!
    im sure if there was 2 there you will get another 1..

  3. I've awarded you the Sugar Doll Award
    you can pick it up here.


  4. Oooh Poor Kenny! I am sure more Kenny's will come along, thanksfully a replacement was already in residence!

  5. Ewww! I can't get the "squish" that must have taken place out of my head!

    When we took our big boys to Noosa back in 2006, they were really freaked out about the geckos on the balcony. I was absolutely fascinated.

    Kenny - RIP

  6. Aaawww poor Kenny and poor you! :( We call them "chit chats" because they're always chattering. Hopefully he won't notice.

  7. Eeek poor Kenny - at least he was much loved before he, er got squashed

  8. You conscience should be clear, they are not extinct are they? bahaha xx

  9. Oh no!! Ahh, these things happen Thea, it was obviously his time ;)


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