Friday, July 16, 2010

It's The Little Things

Yesterday my boy got into the car all by himself!
I cannot tell you what a relief that was.
Nearly six years of contorting myself around a squirming child to 'plug' him in...OVER!!
YES *fist pump*
I still have to strap the two year old in but for some reason one seems just so much better and easier than two.
All you mums with more than two, I hereby put you on a pedestal.

When I had my first baby (after waiting and wanting him for so long) I was more than happy to do everything for him.
Not that you have a choice with a newborn, you have to do everything for them, but I did it 100% willingly and happily.
As time goes on, and doing the same things over and over again becomes a chore rather than a joy, I find myself looking forward to the time when they can do everything for themselves.
But then I'm absolutely certain, I'll miss it at the same time.
They grow so fast (even though at times it feels slower than a wet week).
Looking back I don't remember their last breastfeeds.
I don't remember the last time I carried my boy (although I still can if I have to).
I don't remember the last bottle I gave him.

But with 'lasts' come 'firsts'.
Like yesterday, the first time of putting himself into the car.
It's a little thing, but one day he will do everything.
He'll wipe his own butt (please God!).
She'll be able to dress herself.
They'll both go to bed without nappies.
They'll be able to tie their shoelaces.
They'll get themselves a snack.
The'll wash their own hair.

They'll be able to get themselves ready, pack their bags and walk out the door.

I guess that's what Michael Grose meant by being redundant.

Oh boy, parenting is so bittersweet.
I'm not blinking!!


  1. You will miss all those little things. I sure do. But in a way I love it that they do things for themselves. Sometimes you don't even notice when it happens. It just does. I don't miss wiping bottoms, but I do miss bath time and cuddles in the towel and smelling shampooed hair. Thankfully I still get cuddles whenever I want. I am very lucky.

  2. I am so with you. There are just some things that our kids grow out of that we won't miss.

    Now the 3yo is consistently going to the toilet, I have not changed a nappy in weeks. For the first time in 8.5 years!! I can't tell you how glad I am about that. Now it's just a nappy at night that (mostly) comes off dry in the morning. I'll be getting rid of the nappies after this bag, and go to pull-ups until he's right. That might not happen for a couple of years yet, but who cares? He can take it off himself - no problem.


  3. Oh Thea. They are gorgeous. I mean, I knew that, but when you see pictures like this, accompanied by the reality of them growing up, through your words.......

    I am constantly amazed, saddened gladdened and proud by the stages my "babies" move through, so I totally "get" this post.........xx

  4. It sure is a precious time.
    It's also great to have 3 who can do most things themselves!

  5. I'm with you! But if only we could keep the good-dependant stuff as we wave bye to the annoying-dependant stuff. You know, wipes own butt, bye. Holds hand while walking down the street, keep. Needs dressing, bye. Needs cuddle, keep.

  6. They'll get there don't worry, and sometimes you'll miss doing those little things, but mostly you won't.
    Mine are 17 and 15..... when do I become redundant? Kinda keen on that idea....

  7. Awww. That was lovely to read Thea. it passes too quick, doesn't it?


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