Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inanimate Objects that Drive Me Nuts

I haven't done a good old list post for awhile and this one just popped into my head...

Inanimate Objects that Drive Me Nuts

1.  Dust
2.  Fluff
3.  Crumbs (are you beginning to detect a theme here?)
4.  Mildew
5.  Sand in school shoes and socks
6.  Noisy motorbikes
7.  Dripping taps
8.  Flat batteries
9.  Heels that look gorgeous but kill my feet
10.  Open cupboard doors/drawers
11.  Junk mail
12.  'Sticky' piano keys
13.  TV ads
14.  Shopping trolleys with dodgy wheels
15.  Uneven footpaths
16.  Non-G-rated roadside advertising (kids ride in cars, too)
17.  Bags of clothes for charity bins that I leave lying around for months
18.  Mess
19.  Car parks that are too narrow
20.  Election campaigns

What drives you nuts?


  1. Tangled Coat hangers.
    They frustrate me so much I could cry!

    I also hate sticky piano keys! My piano is in such a need of a tune but I'm too lazy to get around to arranging it!


  2. Oh yes Sass tangled coat hangers make me so frustrated too. What I also hate is crumbs ... in my cleveage. Yes that's right. They fall in when I'm eating and then after a while I feel them irritating me ... then I have to find somewhere I can get them out. Soooo annoying.

  3. People who don't indicate.. or indicate one way, then suddenly change just before they turn.

    Smelling a BBQ and knowing I'm not invited. lol

    Flies. Hate them. Go away

    Stubbing my toe on the same spot on my bed. I know it's there.. why do I keep hitting it?

    When people talk loudly on their phone in public. No-one wants to hear about your great Aunt Mildred and her fetish for pickled onions!

    People who talk so much as to not leave you an opening to say "Anyway.. got to go" so you have to sit/stand through a life story that goes on for hours

    Dogpoop on my front lawn. RAGE! I don't own a dog.. and I'd like to mow the lawn without shit literally hitting the fan!

    Anyway.. got to go ;) Great post!

  4. Fabulous list! I'm going to add Shoes I buy but do not wear. I have a problem with that.

  5. Sadly, my household could be responsible for 2 of your hated things:
    I used to produce TV commercials for a living;
    and my husband rides a Ducati.

    Saying that though, dripping taps and open cupboard doors drive me insane!

  6. Pretty much everything on your list!

    Tailgaters REALLY bother me. And people who don't let you in to a lane. God forbid that they might end up ONE MORE CAR BEHIND!


  7. - Empty toilet roll holders left on the holder.
    - Books stacked in a pile, but they aren't from biggest to smallest.
    - Empty water bottles in the fridge.
    - T9 dictionary on mobiles.
    - Cigarette butts.
    - Justin Bieber.



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