Friday, July 23, 2010

Sugar Doll

I have been given another the lovely Sherri from My Random Thoughts

Thank you Sherri. This award is so pretty, and it's pink!

The Fabulous Sugar Doll Award comes with some rules. Write five things about your self and pass the award on to five fantastic bloggers.

1. My favorite colour is pink!

2. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a ballerina.

3. The only sport I like to play is tennis.

4. I love to make things.

5. I dream of sleeping-in and having the house to myself for a whole day.

I tried to find out what this award was for but couldn't find it.
So I'm going to award the Sugar Doll Award to the bloggers who are as sweet as sugar!

1. Megan @ Writing Out Loud

2. Michelle @ Michelle Dennis Evans

3. Jodie @ Mummy Mayhem

4. Sarah @ Ah, the possibilities!

5. Ami @ Puff Pieces


  1. Oh thank you Thea! It's gorgeous. Ami is going to particularly like this...she has a bit of a thing for pink too! (Right Ami?)


  2. Thank you gorgeous Thea!!

    Hehe! Yes Jodie, you know me too well!!

  3. Thea you are such a darling. On days like today this where I am wracked with self doubt and worry this makes me smile. Thank you xxxx


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