Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Family Day Out

If you want to see what good old Queensland icon we visited today visit me at my other blog...

Here's a BIG clue


  1. Year 2 excursion so many years ago and loved every second for that very reason, slow, easy and very kid friendly!!! Might have to do a trip up there in the next year or so.........

  2. I can't do it. The Tait family actually went there for Christmas one year. That's it, Christmas lunch with the extended clan. Enough said.

  3. I have never been there! Might have to try one day we are up that way.

  4. Oh the big pineapple ... the home of many happy childhood visits. And one exciting primary school excursion where one of the boys teased a kangaroo and it boxed the crap out of him. Happy days ...)

  5. The BIG pineapple.
    This photo has taken me back to our family holidays. We used to stop there.
    I hope you had a fab weekend X


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