Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Sorry

This is a serious announcement.
I have an apology to make.
To music...

Dear Music,

I have willfully neglected you for far too long.
The Wiggles are wonderful, but they don't count if you are more than four.

When I had the opportunity today to spend two hours driving in the car, with no one but you to keep me company, it all came flooding back.

I turned you up loud...real loud.
So loud I could no longer hear the indicator ticking,
or any other noise for that matter.
I felt your beat.
I moved to your rhythm.
I sang my little heart out.
I remembered what it was like to car dance.
I felt 21 instead of 41 for awhile.
And for that, I solelmny thank you.

I promise to listen to you more.
To buy you more.
To turn you up loud and dance and sing.

Now I am dying for my next fix of hearing you live.
You are my licit drug.
I promise to never neglect you again.

With all my heart.

Loads of hugs and kisses


PS Can anyone guess which CD I was listening to? Anyone??


  1. John Mayer? Pop over to my blog - there is a question about music! xx

  2. My guess is it was the new Kylie album!

    I think singing along to loud music is such a great outlet - it's the first thing I do when I'm in the car without the little one. Love it!

  3. I have no "ear" for music, as such, but love a good blare in the car.....todays was a lot of 80's loud Pointer Sisters.......

  4. I love it when I'm in the car and some great music comes on. i.e. 80's hair bands. lol
    or when I turn up the satellite radio on the TV full blast while I'm cleaning up the back of the house. l
    have a great Monday

  5. you're funny!
    must say that day I turned the music up loud - even with the kids telling me to turn it down... was a great day :)

  6. I know what you were listening to! Aphrodite! Best KM album in a long time.

    I do love car dancing and singing loudly in the car. I always have people looking at me like I'm crazy when I'm in traffic.

  7. I was so happy when my kids gave up the Wiggles & Hi 5! SO, SO SOOOOO happy!

    My favourite CD at the moment is Mumford & Sons... but they do belt out the F word, just so you know.
    The great thing about listening to real music is it helps give your kids a sense of what is out there, sadly for me this means Miss9 loved Taylor Swift (not my cuppa tea) but she also loves Coldplay and Kate Miller Heidke (yayness!)
    We are taking Mr11 to his fist music festival this Summer... I can not wait to see his face when he sees some of his favourite acts live!


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