Monday, August 2, 2010

Real Is Better...Surely?

I've just made myself a delicious omelette for breakfast.
I went all out and added a few shavings of parmesan.
Yes, I decadent!

Parmesan is one of my favourite foods. I'm a cheese fiend and I often go to the fridge for a few shavings of parmesan as a snack.

This morning as I was shaving some delicious slivers from my block of fresh parmesan, I had a terrifying flashback...

Why and who ever thought this was a good idea???

This is not parmesan!
This is a travesty.
This was all I knew of as parmesan as a young adult.
It stinks!!
I couldn't work out why, for the life of me, anyone would want to eat something that smelt like spew!

Anyhow, I've seen the light, I know what real parmesan is now.

And I am happy.

And that got me to thinking...of all the other 'non-real' foods that were passed off as 'the real thing' to me as a

This is not pizza!



This is not spaghetti!


I've been watching Jamie Oliver's 'Food Revolution' lately and he has got it right people.
Get rid of foods from cans, boxes and plastic packaging.
Eat real!


  1. I agree Thea. (But I am one of the few that likes puke smelling fake parmesan.......)

  2. (And canned spagetti too, in Jaffles.........)

    BUT, I think I like these "fake foods" only ever as a part of a balanced diet otherwise crammed full of fresh fruit and I suspect Jamie'd approve...

  3. Totally agree! Fresh is always best. Have you ever read the ingredient list on those frozen pizzas?! Sure, they might taste good, but when I read that ingredient list one day, I was turned off them for good. Anything that has more than 20 different fake ingredients/preservatives/colourings etc cannot be good for you!

    I have this thing against people that complain about how hard and expensive it is to prepare fresh food when I know I can buy a bag of carrots at Woolies for, like, $1. Plus it only takes about 10 mins to prepare a stir fry or something (frozen pizzas take 15-20 minutes anyway!)

    And how good is Jamie's Food Revolution?! Shocking, but so so good.

    Great post xx

    PS - I hate the smell of fake parmesan too! I call it chuck cheese.

  4. But I like frozen pizzas :-(

  5. What about that mashed potato that comes dry in a bag....just add water!

  6. Oh the good old spew cheese. I had that growing up and I think even for a while when I first got married. Scary really.

  7. Yes yes yes! Absolutely agree!

    I hardly buy any canned or packaged foods - I feel so much better eating fresh foods whenever possible (my bank balance also prefers it).

    As for that parmesan - we had that in the house growing up and I always thought I hated parmesan. Then I discovered the real stuff and I'll have it on anything too. On freshly cooked pasta...mmmm... and definitely on my morning omelette.

    Great post. That Jamie Oliver show is freaking me out - I sit there in tears for those kids.

  8. Eww! Spew cheese! I still blame my father applying Spew cheese liberally over all pasta based meals as a child for kickstarting a hatred of cheese.

    Meanwhile, I read a wonderful book the other day which is very similar to what Jamie Oliver is trying to achieve and one piece of advice was, if the ingredients panel has more than five ingredients on it, it's not good for you

  9. I go by the rule jade has mentioned above too. More than 5 ingredients? usually not a good idea. We buy organic as much as possible, but we are lucky that our bank balance allows for this.

    It means that when we have a day like we did on the weekend where we were at the AFL then the Rugby & kids & us ate cheese burgers, chips, dim sims, donuts... it didn't matter.... because the next day it was free range pork & organic cabbage.

    It's all about balance.. as for the spew cheese... I loved it! But my kids have no idea what it is!


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