Friday, August 13, 2010


This post is more of a question.
I'm just wondering if I'm normal...

Do you ever get a pang of nostalgia that is almost painful?

Last night as I was knitting, tweeting and listening to Q&A, with my laptop on my lap (well, that's what it was made for, right?). My screensaver of photos started up and these came up in succession...

Sometimes I can look at photos like these and just smile and think "Awwww".
But sometimes they grab hold of my heart, give it a squeeze and tug me right back to that time and place.
And the memory hurts just a little, because that time and place is gone.

Does this ever happen to you?


  1. YES! And you kind of sit there thinking, "I really wish I savoured that moment more when it was actually happening". I love looking at old photos and it always makes me feel nostalgic - usually in a good way though :)

  2. All the time. So many really happy times that I don't think I had the time to really appreciate...across eras of time and countries, I always feel I have taken stuff for granted....

  3. I wish I had better memories of those moments. Definitely didn't appreciate them as much as I could have at the time.

    And we are so not a photo taking family. That means less tangible things to remind us of the precious and special times.

    Okay this is too deep for me on a Friday morning.

  4. Absolutely. It can be sort of bittersweet looking through old pics. :) xx

  5. Mum has photos of my little sis and I with our late Grandad, which to this day, I struggle to look at without bursting into tears... mostly because I'm sad that he passed away before I was mature enough to tell him I loved him, and that his silence, which exacerbated others, only made me love him more.

  6. I get this all the time. Makes me sad :(

  7. I get this all the time. Makes me sad :(

  8. It's why we need to enjoy every moment xx

  9. All the time. Bittersweet isn't it.

  10. In my case, it's smells and songs that throw me back years. Sometimes I just turn on the music and let myself float back in time. I always remember myself as happier than I am now, but eventually I shake myself and remember to take stock of everything beautiful in my life!

  11. Oh my, those eyes on your gorgeous little girl.

    Funnily enough we did this the other night. I got Mad a computer and started loading some photos off a disk I found.

    Time just flies and it scares the shit out of me Thea. Or Fea. I kind of like that x

  12. The best thing about having photos is that they take you back there :) The moment is never lost when you can go back & remember :)


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