Sunday, August 15, 2010

Who's the Boss?

Are you a parent?
Of small children?
Are you the mother??
Do you feel 100% responsible for the care of your children?
Or Number 1 carer?
Who's the boss?
Are you the boss??
If you have to ask for time out, or if you can run down to the shop or go for a walk, does that mean you're the boss or he's the boss?
Not that it matters. Unless you want to be the boss. And I don't!

I just get a little teeny weeny bit peeved that he gets to say...

"I'm just going for a walk" (= 2 hours)...or...
"I'm going to Bunnings for more pavers" (= at least 2 1/2 hours)...or...
"I'm just popping over to X's to check out their new shed (= who knows how many hours).

I never 'just' go somewhere or pop out to anywhere without serious and careful consideration of what the kids are doing, what they need, have they been fed, do they need changing and/or do they need a nap.

Am I making things difficult for myself?
Should I be saying...

"I'm just going to get my hair done" (= 3 hours)...or...
"I'm popping down to Spotlight" (= at least 2 1/2 hours)...or...
"I'm just going to visit Mum, see you next week" (without any notice or prior warning)

This might be evil me coming out...
but that sounds a wee bit funny to me.
Should I do it?
Nah...of course I won't!
But it's fun to dream....sometimes.... ;)


  1. Hi
    I know how you feel. my children are all older now, but I remember those days. We seem to have to do more of the planning the going somewhere entails, while they just announce that they are going.
    Let me say here, that this is NOT true of all husbands. lol

  2. Urgh!! I totally hear you, I get so cranky with this. The Man just goes, whenever, wherever he feels like. if I did that, things would fall apart!!

  3. Been three, done that, still doing that even though we split up...

    He wants to go away and I get to have the kids for his night which means I get kids who are sad they missed their Dad... I want to take time it has to be when they're scheduled to be with him already...

    M'eh... Women consider their responsibilities whereas men seem to largely believe theirs end once they walk out of work for the day...

  4. Go for it Thea - parenting is a joint venture, so when he is not at work then it is shared parenting. After all, who else works 24/7 365 days a year?

    Just my thoughts, but it worked that way for me. xxx

  5. Do. Not. Even. Get. Me. Started. On. This.

    (See? I cannot be funny about this. My blood boils too quick.)

  6. Yep, I hear you. Absolutely. I think you're right - I think we need to make that time for ourselves and not wait for it to happen.

  7. Ah! To be free to Pop out to the shops and not worry about the time, or whether the kids are still asleep.

    I too, feel your pain!
    Mothers are expected to take at least one child with them,
    Fathers, well "I guess I can take one of them"

    But it does make for lovely daydreams!

  8. ditto. so frustrating. just want to sock him one sometimes!

  9. I can relate to that, and even now my children are grown, there's still me taking everything else into consideration before myself... I am working on it though.

    The other thing that used to make my blood boil was when someone would say "Oh is your husband babysitting?" I would always reply, "No, he's parenting" I mean, seriously, who babysits their own child?

  10. That is SO TRUE! And it makes me SO MAD! How does he have so many 'important' things to do (mowing and blowing), while I'm struggling through the feeding and changing... and book-week costume making!


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