Monday, August 16, 2010

I Won!

If you're going to be a really bad cook...and I am...
Then you should be rewarded for that...and I was!
I thank The Not Drowning Mother for bestowing this award upon me.


So I wasn't on the Kidspot's 50 Top Bloggers list.
(I wasn't expecting to be so I'm OK with that.)
I got a "Mad F***ing Mum Bloggers Who Cannot Cook for Shit and LOVE VODKA' I am a winner after all...wooohoooooo!!

It might be a little out of my blog style to display because as you all know, I do not swear here.
It's the teacher/mother in me.
I can't help it. I just cannot swear in polite company...who snorted?
And all of my readers are oh so polite, right? Right??

If I could just switch-a-roo the word for vodka for wine, this award could have been made for me!
But I like vodka...I'll take it!!

Thanks again NDM.
I'm proud to have been pathetic enough to deserve this award...
even if it was a lucky dip in the end!

PS And it's perfect timing. My husband is away for part of the week so I can cook for myself whatever the hell I want, and I am absolutely certain I will not throw it in the bin...well, almost certain!

PPS And, this could be the ultimate contradiction, but I have another blog called My Recipe Blog-Book for those rare occasions when I happen to get it right!


  1. WOO HOO! You must be so proud! Go you!

    Hip Hip etc. etc. etc.


  2. Woo hoo!
    I shall celebrate your win with a glass of three of vodka... just to show support for you *ahem*

  3. Congratulations!! I hope you did a little happy dance when you won this award. I am sure however, that your cooking skills are better than you think. Enjoy your nights of cooking whatever you like! xx

  4. Thats cute and Funny! ;)
    and yeah i wouldnt swear on my Blog eiher ;)

  5. Congratulations Sweetie! Couldn't think of a better person to be recognised for whatever the reason.

  6. How did you hear me snort from there????

    Congratulations on your award.... you don't need to now how to cook, you can knit and I'm extremely jealous xx

  7. That's fucking awesome. Hahaha, that follower was clearly no good anyway! xx

  8. I'm still here. No F-bomb could keep me away. Plus, we are clearly kindred spirits, with the cooking and the vodka thing. But not the knitting - that is your own special happy place and I'm happy for you to have it.

  9. Oh, go you! Well done.

    It's ok - I'm a bit the same, the worst words I've used on my blog are 'bloody' and 'shite'. I have to say, I LOVE the word 'shite' and it just doesn't sound nearly as bad as it's cousin sh*t.

    Is that weird?


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