Tuesday, September 28, 2010

12 Princesses

After all the heavy stuff that's been going down on my blog lately, I feel like being completely light and fluffy.
This post is a piece of puff.
Purely for fun.
I've always been 'into' names.
I have read baby name books just for fun since I was around 15 (wow, that's a bit embarrassing to admit, but it's true!)
So when we bought "Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses" for Miss 3 last week, I thought it was cute that they were named in alphabetical order.  They are...

Ashlyn, Blair, Courtney, Delia, Edeline, Fallon,Genevieve, Hadley, Isla, Janessa, Kathleen and Lacey.

Cute, but not the names I'd choose.
If I had 12 little princesses (OMG, imagine!) this is what I'd call them, in alphabetical order...

Arabella, Brigette, Charlotte, Daliah, Emmeline, Felicity, Grace, Henrietta, Isabelle, Jemima, Kathlyn and Lillian.


Ava (well!), Belle, Clover, Dior, Eloise, Fleur, Gloria, Harriet, Imogen, Jessica, Kate and Laura.


Amelia, Bethany, Caitlin, Daria, Evelin*, Flavia, Gillian, Hannah, India, Jasmine, Katy and Lily.

See, told you I like names.
Join in if you want to.
What would you call your princesses?

*Evelin pronounced as Eve-lyn, not Evah-lyn


  1. Light and fluffy is nice. I love some of the names you have picked. I struggled with names and thankfully had 2 boys names picked and that is all. Luckily I had two boys or the rest of my 12 would be called no name 1, no name 2, no name 3 ... dodgy!

  2. Slightly off topic I know, but you've reminded me of a boy I went to school with. Parents were Barbara and Des. They then had their children in this order to connect their letters from A-G: Craig, Anita, Earl, Fiona, Gillian. I wonder how many other people do names by the alphabet?

  3. LOL funny, we've nearly named that many children. I'm actually glad we had boys mostly because I don't think I could come up with that many girls names and I only really like girls names that start with vowels.
    Let me try..

    Ailish (obviously)...nope, I can't do it!

  4. I've always loved Arabella and India. And Aurora. Don't know if I've ever had 12 names...

  5. Ummm. Let's see. I'm like @catebolt, not good with girls' names. I think if I were naming Barbie princesses, however, I'd need to get my 'Bold' on...

    Crystal, Chartreuse, Morgan, Brooke, Shanelle, Amber, Madison, Alexis, Brianna, Britney, Savannah, and Destiny.

    @myshoeboxlife - my sisters and I are A, B, C. Mum swears she didn't do it on purpose. I can't help but feel that you'd notice... My brother is not D, thank God, but M. But I think that's only because we were old enough to have complained by then.

  6. I don;t know how many times I've seen that movie (or at least parts of it) and I never worked out that they were in alphabetical order.

    I just asked Girl Child and she knew / noticed, well she thinks she did. LOL.

  7. You are so cute.

    Anna, Bella, Caitlin, Diana, Eleanor, Fiona, Gillian, Harriet, Imogen, Jonquil, Katie, Lexie, Molly, Nella, Olivia, Polly, Queenie, Rachel, Samantha, Tabitha, Ursula, Victoria, Wendy, Xanthia, Yani, Zara

  8. Ooh - good game. I don't think I could come up with 12 though!

    I will tell you though, that if I'd had a girl, we would have called her Greta. I also really liked the name Morgan, but Hubby didn't so much.

    Did you see Kidspot had the Top 100 Baby Names list up on their website yesterday? You'd like that, Thea!

  9. As the B in Life in a Pink Fibro's ABC, I would definitely have issues with alphabetical names! But for Barbie, it's perfect!!

    Arabella and Charlotte (Lottie) are the names of my two daughters, so I obviously like your first list a lot!!Just so we're clear, their brother's name does not start with a B!! x

  10. I'm actually glad we had boys mostly because I don't think I could come up with that many girls names and I only really like girls names that start with vowels. Thanks for sharing.
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