Sunday, September 26, 2010

Two Funerals

I can barely blog, but I feel compelled...because it's what I do when something big happens.
And yesterday was very...big.

Yesterday we farewelled Bevan.
I don't know if you're supposed to say funerals are lovely, but his was.
Bevan loved going to mass, he could never miss it.
So the full Catholic mass in the tiny country church was absolutely perfect.
It was comforting being back in the little church we went to so often as a family.
The church was full and people were standing (and sitting on folding chairs) outside.
Dad's (and Bevan's) cousin, Shane, read the eulogy just right.
We were laughing and crying, it was perfect.
Another of Dad's cousins, my sister and I read the Prayers of the Faithful.
I wanted to do this for Bevan, but was so worried I would cry while I was reading.
I didn't, I got through it, and I was proud of myself.
Bevan was laid to rest beside his mum and dad in the cemetery behind the church.
It is so peaceful and picturesque amongst the rolling hills and dairy farms.
After the funeral we all met at the local dance hall for a cup of tea and sandwiches.
There were faces everywhere from my past, warm and friendly.
We chatted with our cousins that we see too rarely.
Then....more news.
My brother received a call.
Our dear Grandma had just passed away.
My Mum (who is still recovering from a heart attack) 's mother.
It was expected.
When we arrived at Mum & Dad's house to change for the funeral they told us Grandma was very low.
We knew we'd be back for another funeral very soon.
But who gets to hear that their Grandma has died while they're at their uncle's funeral?
It was too much.
I want to write a post about my Grandma.
But not yet.
My heart is still too full of sadness.


  1. This rawness, this overwhelming pain of grief and sadness? It does pass Thea. You will spend ages recalling memories and crying. And emerge ever stronger, with even more love and family committment because of it.

    Well done. And I am so sorry for your losses.

    And however you feel, in grief, is OK.


  2. It's a beautiful post Thea & straight from your heart. I'm sorry your sad day was even sadder. It's a hard part of life letting go of the people you love. The beautiful thing is they remain always in your heart and are always a part of you. xx

  3. Oh honey, I am so sorry that a sad day became even sadder.:(

    Sending all my love and big hugs to you and your sister.


  4. Oh Thea,

    I'm sorry for the loss of your grandmother. However, I'm very glad for you that Bevan's funeral was so nice until you had the sad news.

    I'm sorry for your families losses. It's hard and more so when they are so close together.

  5. Oh Thea I am so very sorry. Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers xx

  6. I don't know what to say at such a sad time. We're all thinking of you and sending big virtual hugs. Take care.


  7. Holy crap dude - seriously? What is, a practical joke?

    Didn't realise that when I tweeted about Death at a Funeral being on tonight, it was actually a true statement in your world.

    I'm sorry again that all this sadness is at your feet at the moment. Life is like that sometimes and you wonder what in the hell is going on.

    Lots of hugs to you and your family xx

  8. So sorry to hear this, hon. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family, ok?

  9. Hugs and love to you and your family. I'm so sorry to hear this, Thea. xxx

  10. Oh Thea, too much too soon. Sending love and thoughts your way. Stay strong.

  11. You know what? I think we should be able to say a funeral was lovely. Yes they are sad, and grief laden, but they can still be lovely. ANd what a beautiful way you have described it... and the place. I can see it in all. And a beautiful place to be laid to rest.

    You and your family have had a hard, sad week. I am thinking of you all and sending love xxx

  12. Oh Thea, so sorry for your loss. And I get what you mean by a 'lovely' funeral too. It is often the one last thing we can do for someone we loved - to say our goodbyes and celebrate their lives. So unfair that having come through it, you had another massive loss.
    Many years ago, a dear uncle, who had taken care of his poorly wife (my aunt) for years, died suddenly. (Everyone always expected her to go first because she was so sickly). And before the second day was up, she died. We all felt it was of a broken heart, she had no more reason to live. It really threw me for a long time, burying them both within a matter of days. I know that doesn't help you to deal with your loss, and my loss was not the same, but I just wanted to share that I understand a little of what you're going through, and I just wish you strength and goodness ...xo

  13. I'm so sorry Thea.
    Thinking of you xx

  14. Sorry I wasn't around to send you this message earlier. I am so sorry that you lost 2 special people so close together, the pain and the heartache must be harder to bear under these circumstances. Sending you loving and caring thoughts. Thanks for sharing the memories with your blogger friends. xxx


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