Monday, September 13, 2010

Eight Years

Today is our 8th Wedding Anniversary.

So I am going to take a walk down memory lane and share our wedding with you.

We never intended to have both of our children in the within five days before our wedding anniversary, it just worked out that way. But I am so glad their birthdays are before and not after, because I feel such an immense sense of relief when they're over that I am ready to enjoy our anniversary.

On Friday, 13th September, 2002 we were married and had the most beautiful wedding. I meticulously planned every detail. And I was lucky enough to find a man who allowed me to have total creative control, that meant it was very pink and he was OK with that. (That's a good man!)

I wanted an evening, city wedding, with the sparkling lights all around us. And I wanted it to be near water, so we picked the perfect venue, Snug Harbour Dockside (now called The Landing) with yachts on the Brisbane River in the background. Of course it was booked more for than 12 months in advance for Saturday weddings, so we went with Friday. Yeah,  it was the 13th...but we chose to think of it as our lucky day.

I wanted to be saying our vows at dusk, so we chose to have most of our photos taken before the ceremony.  I had the amazing Toula from Beautiful Images do my hair & make-up and transform me into a super model (Well, that's how I felt!).

I found two adorable twin sisters, MXM, to design and make my princess, pink(!) dress. And I made my sweet little niece's flowergirl dress. She was our only attendant.

I met my stunningly handsome groom in the foyer for more photos taken by Glen from Sterling Studios.

Then it was time for the ceremony. We walked in together, following our darling little flowergirl who was scattering rose petals to the beautiful music of a string quartet playing Pachelbel's Canon in D.

Our marriage celebrant was Jacqueline Gray, she was so lovely.

Always Fabulous Flowers did my bouquet, the flowers for my flower girl's hair, the reception tables and the cake flowers. They were stunning.

I wasn't going to have a cake at all. But the florist told me about The Welsh Lady, and she sounded perfect. I didn't have any cake on the night but I was told it was divine.

Then it was time for our guests (46 adults and 5 children) to party! (After a few family photos and night time city shots)

We cut the cake and then danced the night away.

We found Pump Fiction through an entertainment agency and went to see them play at Aurora's (which is where we happened to meet) before we booked them.  We loved them and they were so much fun.

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband.
I always said my dreams came true when I met you.
Thank you for everything. xxx


  1. Your wedding was so beautiful, Thea - and you looked beautiful.

    Happy anniversary - I hope you have a lovely day and evening x

  2. Happy Anniversary. :-) Ours is a week away - September is a great wedding month.

    You were stunning - I love the dress.
    Would you believe I was actually already listening to that piece of music as I loaded your page????

  3. Awesome pictures!!!
    you were a beautiful bride.
    congrats to you both. happy anniversary

  4. Awwww. Sweeties. And it is perfect. Just wonderful. Congrats on 8 years!

  5. Congratulations on your 8 year wedding anniversary!

    Thanks also for sharing pictures of your beautiful day - you made a stunning bride :)


  6. Thank you for sharing your special day hon. Congratulations on your anniversary xxx

  7. I think I just fell a little in love with both of you.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Just beautiful.

    And my fave photo? 2nd from bottom. Black and white. Of you, being cheeky......

  8. That's gorgeous Thea. Congrats again. Hope you enjoyed your Thai food & champers.


  9. Beautiful! Happy anniversary.

    You all look stunning and I love the flowers. X

  10. Oh gorgeous. You look so happy and in love. I've been to a wedding there so can imagine how magical it was. Thank you for sharing. And happy anniversary!

  11. I thought of you on your anniversary this year, not knowing that you'd written this a year ago! You look gorgeous - stunning!! I love, love, love the pink (and I'm not normally into pink but you worked it so, so well). No wonder you love weddings so much. Yours looks perfect. xx

  12. Happy Anniversary! What beautiful photos. I love your flowers too!! What a magical day. xx

  13. I always love seeing photos of your beautiful pink dress. Such a gorgeous wedding. Happy anniversary to you for the other week :) xxx

  14. Gorgeous, I just love looking at wedding photos. It never gets tiring.
    looks like everyone had a pretty good time.
    That's all you can ask for really.

  15. These shots are gorgeous... you look stunning :o)

    I really love the colours of your bouquet! I wish our wedding could have been more intimate like your own and Shelley's to-be.

    And congratulations on your anniversary - Wad and I have some catching up to do lol!

  16. Oh, gorgeous photos and what a beautiful bride! :)


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