Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Funny

I have to share this funny story.

Last weekend when we were visiting my husband's parents, we were discussing his 17 year old nephew's new girlfriend.  Here's the conversation that ensued...

Grandma to my 6 year old boy - Do you have a girlfriend?
My 6 year old boy - No.
Me - Which girls in your class do you like? 'A'?
My 6 year old boy - No, no one! Mummy has a boyfriend.
Me - Who? Daddy??
My 6 year old boy - No, 'J'. ('A's daddy and my husband's friend and workmate!)

I think I turned bright red.


  1. Oh goodness! Thea! I didn't pick you for the type... ;)

  2. ha ha..That's gold!
    You gotta laugh at that. Kid's are the funniest! :)


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