Sunday, October 10, 2010

You Suck

Not So Dear Vacuum Cleaner,

Almost two years ago, I was very excited when you arrived at our house.
Our first bagless vacuum cleaner.
Yes, you were a cheapie Aldi special, but you had to better than your predecessor who had lost it's puff, or should I say, suck...right?
I'll grant that you worked fine...well, even...if you were empty and your filter was spotlessly clean.
But the minute you inhaled a spec of dirt you were, let's face it, useless.
It got to the point where I didn't even want to take you out of the cupboard, even though the floors were screaming out to be cleaned.
It was so disheartening to see the dirt and fluff just bouncing all around you.
You're supposed to suck it up, not push it elsewhere!
Honestly the broom does a better job than you, and it has been getting a good workout lately.
So, when my husband optimistically took you outside to clean his car last week despite your apathetic work ethic...then brought you back into the house broken and taped up...I did a little jump for joy.
Because, Vacuum Cleaner, you suck.
Or rather, you don't!

A Very Disappointed Vacuum Cleaner Owner.

The moral of the story: Don't buy cheapie Aldi specials!


  1. Had to but a new vacuum cleaner ourselves on Thursday we brought a cheap $69 Piaranha from Kmart which we used yesterday & boy does it work great.

    Only complaint the wheels near the head of the vacuum cleaner come off, so back to kmart to get a new one & no problems with this one

  2. oh im hearing yoou! after years of buying "cheap" vacum cleaners i finally decided o buy a really really good one..i wasnt happy with the price, but i love it and the job it does..ill never go back to a el cheapo again! im the same with irons now too!
    oh i brought a Dyson..

  3. Mummahh - Everyone who has a Dyson loves them! But you're right, the price is still putting me off. With you on the irons though...will never go back to a cheap iron, I LOVE my good iron!! :)

  4. I am cursed when it comes to vacuums, seriously!
    They break on me all the time, loose their suction, hoses break! Even when I blast the crap out of them with a air compressor! ha ha
    I have been dreaming of a Dyson for like 5 years now...but with all the other expenses, it's just not possible for me to get one!

    Right now my vacuum is one we found on a junk pile! And I'm not even kidding. :'(

    I will continue dreaming about my Dyson! :)

  5. *Sigh* Oh I hear you, I purchased a pretty good vacuum cleaner (or so I was assured)but if the foam dust filter, cyclonic filter or dust collection area have the slightest bit of grit or hair in them, it loses suction. Sometimes when I watch Le Artiste hoover up his food, I think its a shame he can'd do the same to the floors !

  6. Yay for broken vacuum cleaners! Buy a new one that really sucks.

  7. Thea I can relate to this! We bought a cheap vacuum cleaner online a couple of years ago. it was so bad I reverted to picking the fluff out of the carpet by hand. Finally I snapped and told husband to go out and not come home until he'd got me a cleaner that worked.
    I still remember him proudly bringing the new one home and having vacuumed the hallway carpet, we looked at how much dirt it had sucked up. It showed us a) what a crap job our old one had been doing b) why the kids allergies were so bad.
    It's been worth every cent we spent on it.

  8. Dyson lover.... love it even more with credit card points :)

  9. I had a cheap vacuum cleaner that simply Would. Not. Die. When it finally blew up, I got a lean, green Electrolux machine and I love it. I'm not into bagless. I like it all packed neatly away.


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