Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Royal Family Bibliography

As I mentioned yesterday, my love for all things royal began when I read the book "The Little Princesses" at Grandma's house when I was around 8 - 10. I was amazed and ecstatic to discover it on my bookshelf. I don't remember how or when I got it, my memory has never recovered from 'Mother's Brain'.
The first book in my collection was an award for class prize in Year 9 in 1882, it was called "The Radiant Princess" and I fell in love with it, and her. I began collecting in earnest after that.
At the moment, my book collection totals 35, and I'm very excited about the prospect of adding William and Kate/Catherine books to it now! 

I've listed all of the books I have below but that's more for my own record than anyone else's interest, because I doubt many of you would be.  And, yes, I have read every single one of them cover to cover so I do know a bit about the royal family.

But I do want to know one thing.

Do you lend your books?

I have a lot of other books as well and I went through a phase years ago of lending and sharing but I used to stress myself silly when they weren't returned. Some have never come home and I still know where they are but haven't asked for them back. I did read once that books are meant to be shared, and (kind of like love) if you let them go and they don't return they were never yours in the first place. Except they were because I bought them!  I did get over that eventually and accepted that books come and go, and that's fine.

Not, however, my royal family books!
I did recently lend some of them to my father-in-law.
They took so long time to come back that I was starting to get very nervous.
So that's it, no more.
No, you cannot borrow my royal family books!

Now, you can stop reading here,
you can scroll on and check out my collection.
Either way....let me know if you're a lender
or not.

1950 The Little Princesses

1969 The Royal Ladies

1981 Settling Down

1982 Charles & Diana The Prince & Princess of Wales

1982 The Princess of Wales - An Illustrated Biography

1982 Royal Children

1983 The Radiant Princess

1983 A Week in the Life of the Royal Family

1984 Royal Children

1984 Diana The Children's Princess

1984 The Royal Baby Book

1984 Prince Charles & Princess Diana - Portrait of a Family

1984 Royal Walkabout

1984 Royal Review - The Royal Year photographed by Tim Graham

1984 The Queen Mother

1984 Diana The Fashion Princess

1984 Royal Family Yearbook - Volume III

1984 In Public View The Nations' Snapshots of the Royal Family

1985 In Person The Prince and Princess of Wales

1985 Charles & Diana

1986 In Private - In Public: The Prince and Princess of Wales

1986 The Royal Presence in Australia 1867 - 1986

1986 The ITN Book of the Royal Wedding

1987 Inside a Royal Marriage

1988 Diana H.R.H. The Princess of Wales

1988 The Royal Style Wars

1988 The Royal Year 1988

1989 Royalty in Vogue

1991 Charles & Diana A Portrait of a Marriage (10th Anniversary Commemorative Edition)

1992 Diana in Private - The Princess Nobody Knows

1999 Diana and the Rise of the House of Spencer

1999 Invitation to a Royal Wedding - Edward and Sophie June 19, 1999

2002 The Last Great Edwardian Lady

2003 A Royal Duty

2006 The Way We Were - Remembering Diana

Oh, I almost forgot my most special (and most expensive) one!!

2004 Diana The Portrait


  1. My nana's sister has all of them plus more last time she had about 200 thats including ones that you can only get in the UK.

    (((( Hugs ))))

  2. Wow! That's quite the collection. I wouldn't lend those babies out either.

  3. Wow that is definitely a collection and a half. I used to lend books, but usually ones I don't mind if I don't get back. However, since knowing authors on Twitter, I have a new respect for the "buying" of a book and will now "recommend a book to buy" as opposed to lending.

  4. Wow what a collection! They would probably be worth a small fortune if you ever wanted to sell them, so I certainly wouldn't be lending them out.
    I do lend books, but only if I don't expect to get them back and believe I can spare them. I can't tell you how many people borrow a book, and promise to get it back to you ... then next time you're at their house, they have it pride of place in their bookshelves. I mean, come on, I could have traded it at the second hand book store. So I just hand over those I figure I can deal with sharing ... because books are so wonderful I don't mind giving a few away to the cause.

  5. Tragic, but we all have our obsessions, enjoy adding another to the collection soon xox


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