Thursday, November 18, 2010

Polly Dolly - Jumpsuit!

Danimezza has chosen jumpsuits as this week's Polly Dolly Challenge.
What fun!!

I've done something a bit different this week.
Usually when I start my set I drag everything I like onto the board,
then I delete until I'm left with the one I like best.

This week I couldn't decide whether to go full on Charlie's Angels' style jumpsuit,
or short and cute style jumpsuit...
so I went with both.
Then, I couldn't decide whether to dress them up with heels,
or dress them down with flats...
so, you guessed it, I went with both!

Which means I ran out of room for anything other than jumpsuits and shoes,
but really, what more do you need?
Except maybe perfume....

I still can't decide which one I like best.
Do you have a favourite?

Giraff Jumpsuit
$99 -
Halter jumpsuit »

Field of Flowers Romper
$55 -
Rompers »

Colloquies on Chic Romper
$53 -
Rompers »

Purple Jeweled Sandals
$161 -
Thong shoes »

Zigi Girl 'To Die For' Sandal
$60 -
Chain shoes »

Enid Mignon Knot Sandal
$325 -
Sandals »

Bow'n Places Heel in White
$130 -
Mary jane heel »


  1. oh my goodness lol, so much awesomeness! I'm loving the tan set personally, Love a good ruffle.

  2. Wow! This week you have out done yourself. Well done. My fav is the top right hand corner one with the wedges. Love! Very cute but also a bit sophfisticated, I think.

  3. Super cool outfits, love the shoes!

  4. loving the floral option...
    the bowed shoes are reallly sweet. =]

  5. I like the brown short jumpsuit, but those strappy sandals would have to have much lower heels before I'd wear them.


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