Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

I know you're supposed to wait until the 1st of December to put up the Christmas Tree.
But my husband has been nagging asking me for a week now when the tree is going up.
And decorating the tree is one of my favouritest things in the whole world to do.
Last year it was so much fun with the kids because they were both big enough to properly help.
They didn't do it quite like I do...yes I did do some surrepticious rearranging...but it was gorgeous when we finished.  Well, we thought so.
Each year I have a theme. Last year it was 'throw every goddamn ornament we have on the tree'.
You can read all about that here.

This year I'm going to put a photo of our tree on here again.
and I love to see other Christmas trees so I had the brilliant brainwave of a linky so you can show me your tree by linking a blog post or a photo too.
I can't wait to see all the pretty trees.

This year my theme is 'Red, Green & Gold'...yep, all traditional like.
And I'm aiming for a lot of handmade, so I'll be adding to it and updating the photo as I go.

When I told the kids what our theme would be this morning, Miss 3 was most upset that she wouldn't be able to put her pink heart on the tree.  And my six year old boy complained loudly about having no black or orange decorations (his favourite colours at the moment).
So I had another brilliant brainwave...they can have their own little trees in their rooms, decorated however they like.
I have a tiny tree from my teacher days that I used to use in the classroom.
Little ones are so cheap, I'm getting another one.
I can't wait to see what they do with them.

Now, to find black and orange tree decorations.....


The kids were so busy decorating their own trees (yes, I did help...can't help myself), I pretty much had free rein with the 'big' tree....YAY!
This is very good news for a Christmas Tree *ahem* me!

May I present my three year old daughter's tree...

and my six year old son's tree...

  and my the family tree...


  1. Fantastic Trees Thea!!

    I've said that when we have kids they will have their own tree that they can do and not touch the big tree. I am known as the Christmas tree nazi in my mum is just as bad too.

    I put mine up last night too, figured its officially a month until Christmas why not!

    I'll take a photo of it and link it up this evening.


  2. They all look gorgeous (yes, yours, I mean, the families too Thea)x

  3. All three trees look fabulous!
    Great idea letting the kid's decorate their very own. Everyone's happy then! :D

    I will be back tomorrow to link up. x

  4. Gorgeous!

    Not sure if we'll be having a Christmas tree this year, what with not knowing if we'll even be back at home :(

  5. omg they are all fantastic! well done to all!

  6. Wow they are GREAT! we will be putting ours up tomorrow!! so ill def ass my tree to your link.

  7. our tree becomes a new toy... the kids play around with the ornaments (sometimes throwing is involved) and move them constantly.
    Looking forward to putting the tree up when we get home:)

  8. Oh Thea, you are adorable.

    Ours doesn't go up for a fortnight, but I will linky when it does.

  9. Our's isn't up yet, but when it is I will try to remember to link back to you. The only problem is Nearly 4 just pointed at your tree and said: "I want to get that tree for Xmas". You better watch...... and listen out in the quiet of the night......... xx

  10. OMG - what a fantastic idea i love it! Only because i am like colour natzie and everything HAS to match my house! I am so stealing that idea for when georgii is older!

  11. They all look fantastic Thea :D

  12. How gorgeous. I love the idea of letting the kids have their own trees.
    We had three trees, but my ex has them all, along with the decorations I collected and loving brought home from the Christmas shop in Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber many years ago. That was way before his time and when I was head over heels in love with husband number one.
    It hurts.
    We bought a cheap tree from k-mart yesterday but it is so shoddy the weight of the star causes it to topple over.
    So I need to rip off lights and decorations and go off in search of a sturdier tree. And one which I can actually afford ...

  13. Wonderful Trees!
    great idea letting your kiddos have there own to play with.
    i've just linked mine up.


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