Thursday, November 25, 2010

Polly Dolly - Naughty or Nice?

This week over at Danimezza's Polly Dolly Challenge, the theme is Christmas parties.
And depending on your mood, do you dress naughty, or nice??

I tried to go more vamp than tramp with the naughty outfit.
I think it says "What kinda mischief can I get up to tonight?" Don't you??
I love it, but the nice outfit is what I'd wear, being such a good girl and all.

Chinese Laundry Haylie
$84 -
High heeled pumps »

Valentino Sequin Petale Tote
$2,685 -
Valentino tote bags »

Luxe Day Dreamer Chiffon
$398 -
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  1. Love both (you can be my stylist!), but my girly-girl side really can't go past the Nice ensemble! ;)

  2. So cute, loving the one shoulder dresses!

  3. Loving your set. The ruffle dress would be so me.

  4. Your style is amazing, hon! You pick such great outfits.

  5. I love both those dresses. But the black would have to be my fav! :D

  6. Would buy and wear BOTH the dress and their matching shoes. Awesome choices lovely.

  7. I like both of the looks. The nice is so girly and the frills make it so light. Great pick


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