Monday, November 8, 2010


I was just outside and saw pink clouds.
Pink clouds are one of my very favourite things.
As are most pink things really.
I love pink....

Pink clouds

Pink birds

Pink bubbles 
If only I could afford this one, I usually drink 'Pink'

 Pink diamonds
Yeah, I'm dreamin'

Pink roses

Pink flowers in general

Pink pyjamas

Pink tea cups

Pink glasses

Pink balloons

Pink little girl's rooms

Pink tutus

Pink wedding dresses ('cause mine was)

Pink towels

Pink cuddly toys

Pink kitchen appliances
Oh, how I wish I had at least one of these!

Pink stationery

And if I was really brave...

I would drive a Pink Car!

I guess you can call me a girly girl.


  1. Yay!!!! I adore anything pink or purple or girly ;)

  2. I love pink too, also purple, and sky blue ... I would totally love that ring. Sigh ...

  3. Pink is my fav too :) i go crazy over anything pink
    Omg! i love that ring

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  5. oh in that case you should have seen the vanity table i ordered from Heals UK when we moved a month ago! lol

  6. I had everything pink when I was little - I loved it! Pink bike, pink room, pink clothes, pink watch... everything. Then I went the opposite when I got older. Now, I only own two pink tops, and that's it. I'll dress Miss A in pink, but only in very limited doses, mixed with other colours.

    I think I over-dosed as a kid!!

  7. OMG I am a pink-ophile as well :) I actually do have some pink diamonds (thanks loving hubby), but sadly, never find I can get away with wearing a pink tutu. Actually, I don't think I can get away with wearing a tutu full stop. Isn't it some cruel twist of fate that I only have two little boys? ;)

  8. I love pink too - especially flowers and pyjamas! That car is seriously cute (only a vw convertible could be pink!) I've got pink over on my blog too at the moment.:)


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