Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Cheeses Me Off!

Remember this segment on 'Hey Hey It's Saturday'?
I used to love it!
Today I'm in that kind of mood.
I might even make this a regular Wednesday spot...if I feel like it.

So, just 5 for today.

1. Women who look good when they're pregnant.
2. People who can eat whatever they like and not put on weight.
3. Hair dye that says 'dark brown' on the box but turns out black.
4. Perfect parents.
5. Perfect children.

OK, that'll do for today.
Better save some for next week.

What cheeses you off??


  1. What Cheeses me off is

    Being sick on my birthday (today) lucky hubby taken me out next week or the week after for tea.

    Also people who don't move down on public transport but want to stand near the doors on buses & trains making it hard to get on or off the transport

    (((( Hugs ))))

  2. so sorry my perfect family cheeses you off... BAhahahahah

  3. Women who are proud to be bitches.... You know those stickers on cars or t-shirts and other merchandise that say things like 'bitch with attitude' or 'I'm not a bitch, I am THE bitch' or 'B = Babe I = In T = Total C = Control Of H = Herself'...... or simply, 'BITCH'.. ??? Being a bitch doesn't make you strong, powerful or in control: it just means you're a bitch. Plus it's kind of tacky..... lol. Yes, it cheeses me off. :)

  4. Tedious Kids Party Invitations with ridiculous conditions.

  5. 5 Things That Cheese Me Off: (in no order)
    1) Male drivers who break the road rules and get angry that you've caught them out so tell YOU off!
    2) Repeating yourself because the kids pretended they didn't hear you the first 3/4/5 ...... times.
    3) Vacuuming
    4) Vacuuming
    5) Vacuuming

  6. Starting the day with a phone call from the tax office, then finding out that your David Jones gift voucher that you redeemed two weeks ago might still be another week away, then discovering one of your expensive knives is M.I.A and then having a hubby who calls and says "Why are you in such a bad mood ?" Hey, guess what, after all that venting I feel much better :)

  7. People who go out of their way to have the same things as you do!
    I know that sounds petty. But when it's something that happens every time you see the person, it get's kinda annoying!
    eg: "I saw a cane mirror exactly like yours the other day and was going to lay-by it."(my mum gave me the mirror and it was from when I was little),Then they have a cane mirror next time you visit & similar chairs after the same sort of convo about chairs!
    Or... I saw that exact train cake and was going to make it for my sons birthday.
    Or they name their kid after your 7 year old cat. Or...Ok, that's probably enough! You get the gist!

    I know I shouldn't worry and that I should take it as a compliment. BuT when the conversation always end's up being about things, it really get's to me. Like, can't we talk about something else? ha ha


  8. What cheeses me off?

    1. Tailgaters
    2. Bank fees
    3. Running out of toilet paper
    4. Empty milk container back in fridge
    5. Australian politics
    6. Dancing With The Stars
    7. Mariah Carey
    8. Bullies
    9. People who mix up your and you're
    10. Most things


  9. Awesome post!!

    Trolls cheeze me off. Bastards. You know the ones who just start getting a little too personal with nasty comments. Clearly they need a root (or a handjob would probably do the job) Thanks Thea, feel better.

  10. This is so funny! What cheeses me off... how to narrow it down to just five. OK five that I can think of right now:

    1. Rude/bored/indifferent doctors' receptionists who can't tell you how long the wait will be/don't care that you're in a 1hr parking zone/ don't give a rats whether you've got two small children with you or can wait all day, THEN

    2. Doctors who breeze in after keeping you waiting for over an hour and, while talking to you, refer to you in third person as 'Mum' (actually I do have a name, it's not that hard to find out what it is)

    3. Inconsiderate drivers/parkers who cut in without waving, tailgate on freeways (especially truck drivers - so dangerous!) and can't wait 30 bloody seconds for you to park without hooning around you/reversing out of their parking spot in front of you when you were there first

    4. People in supermarkets/public/acquaintances who frown or tut or pass comment on me or my child's behaviour without being invited to do so.

    5. People who walk (dawdle) four abreast on shared cycle/walkways. Move to a footpath people! Why are you wearing workout gear when I walk faster with my toddler?

  11. 1. Hubby falling asleep on couch every night while I cook and clean and then complaining about being tired.
    2. People who park in PWP who don't even have car seats in the car.
    3. Bad drivers in general.
    4. Sales assistants who are rude and unhelpful.
    5. Bad spelling and grammar!
    6. Having first appt of the day and doctor still keeps you waiting at least 20 mins.

  12. People who come into work sick and exposing the rest of us to their germy germs thus leading to me being here, feeling like crap.

    THAT, cheese's me off.

  13. 1. Having to wait so long to meet my baby! I've already done 21 weeks, can't we just speed the rest up? (Actually, all up I've done 54 weeks with no take-home baby, isn't that enough?)

    2. Having no motivation to do housework, even though I know it needs doing. Feeding into this, having a husband who makes me feel bad by starting to do housework just as I decide to have a nap.

    3. Having a landlord that does the front gardens of his own accord (that's annoying enough - he never tells us he's coming, and since he's a massive chatterbox, we can't even check the mail while he's here) then complains to the real estate people that we never do the gardens!
    3a. Having to do the back garden while pregnant.

    4. Having problems I can't rant about to anyone...

    5. Having a dead son and dealing with all of the above while still trying to come to terms with it.

  14. What cheeses me off?

    1. People who are just plain rude
    2. Bad/casual service in restaurants
    3. Judgmental people
    4. Slow checkout operators
    5. and stealing one of yours Thea - people who can eat what they like and not put on weight

    That's it for now, though I'm sure there's more

  15. That pregnant one ticks me off too. I'm now 21 weeks pregnant and while I have a lovely round belly, I'm also carrying plenty of weight on my arms, legs and ass for good measure. How do people who get pregnant still look slender and graceful? I have no idea. But I no likey.

    Sales assistants who are chatting away to their co-workers instead of doing their job. If they can multi-task fine. Sadly, most can't.

    The fact that I can't find my wedding ring or the air conditioner remote at the moment. Side note: Never give a toddler anything!

  16. What is with hair dyes that say 'natural brown" and come out black?? Don't like.

  17. Tailgaters cheese me off BIG TIME! Can't stand them. Will it make me go faster? No. It won't, people. I'll be slowin' down just to annoy you...

    Great post, Thea. Have just been catching up on all your posts. Love all the pink in your pink post!


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