Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One Day...

One day we will live in a house that has...

  • floor covering in the bathroom
  • towel racks in the bathroom
  • polished floors in the kitchen so we don't need a rug to stop our feet from getting spiked
  • guttering that goes all the way around the roof
  • a roof that is not rusty
  • steps up into the backyard so we don't have to go rock-climbing on the way to school
  • two taps in the kitchen so we don't have to keep swapping the un-broken one from hot to cold to hot to cold (you get the idea!)
  • a pantry!!
  • a cooktop with more than two working elements
  • kitchen cupboard doors that stay shut when you close them
  • no awful damp smell in our son's bedroom
One day...we will

We will!


  1. One day I will live in a house that has....
    - a bathroom that doesn't leak onto the kitchen floor when we have a shower
    - a key for the bedroom door to the deck(we haven't opened it in 2 years)
    - a verandah that has a roof
    - paving on that verandah (not just bare concrete)
    - garage doors that aren't tied up with rope

    If I ever win lotto, I'll share!

  2. One day we will have a seperate - office/business office/classroom
    One day we'll have a deck to stop the kids fall off the back of the pool
    one day we'll have a house where we don't feel like we live on top of each other
    But today I love my view and am content in this little messy house :)

  3. I think my one day list would be far too long. But at least now some of the things on the list have actually been done! I'm sure you'll get through yours too xox


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