Thursday, December 9, 2010

Polly has gone all Trailer Trash!

Time to dress Polly again and this time Danimezza has turned her into trailer trash!
How funny!!

Here we go....

Today Polly is all dressed up, ready to hit the local *nightspot*.
She has her favourite wig on, and don't you just loved her poodle jacket, which is very cute but it's all about what you wear it with!
I love how she has mismatched her jacket and shoe furs!
Of course, she has gone with the 'more is more' animal print tights (which, quite frankly, she could have done without). Oh, what am I saying? She could have done without just about everything here.
She thinks she's gawjus...and to other trailer trash, she probably is!

Play along by clicking HERE

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  1. HAWT!!!
    love the "more is more" approach.

  2. Might even be a bit too classy for trailer trash lol

  3. love that your used paris' perfume bahhahahaha
    love it!
    Dont forget to add your Christmas wishlist. =]

  4. Haha, love this! The wig is a great touch!

  5. Hahaha awesome.
    I can't believe the price of that jacket and boots!
    The wig just completes it.


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