Thursday, December 16, 2010

Skating Polly

I almost didn't join in with the Polly Dolly Challenge this week because I am so not a sk8er girl.
I've only ever been roller skating once and ice skating once, and both were so long ago (when I was a kid) I can barely even remember. I do remember I didn't enjoy it much. I didn't let go of the rails around the edge much either!

But, I decided I would join in, and stand out a million miles from the rest, and do skating my style...
well that's what Danimezza asked for.

I've always adored the old fashioned ice skating scene...

think Little Women...

think winter in Europe...

think Parisian skating rink...

So may I present...

My skating Polly, at Christmas time...

Red lace skater dress
35 GBP -
Lace dresses »

Skating Rink Coat
$90 -
Knit coat »

Glitter Ice Skates Decor
$30 -

Set of 2 Skating Reindeer Ball Ornaments
$16 -

Ice skating Clipart


  1. Oh I love it!

    Great take on the challenge - I'm off to do mine later this evening!


  2. ohh this is lovely :D

  3. Love it! What a great twist on this theme!

  4. Your skating Polly is a class act.

  5. Ooooo that coat. Awesome. I want it. Those skates are amazing, so cute, they look like a disney movie!

  6. Ohh this made me miss ice skating I use to ice skate when i was younger, I even had white ice skates.
    ohh memories.

  7. Oh so beautiful Thea!! I am so in love with the whole concept of ice skating and a white Xmas- but I hate the cold :p

  8. Charming set.
    now i want snow this christmas.
    love it.

  9. Roller blades and skates are a pleasure to weather in the misery of the heat and sun, but health and safety is a priority.

    Sound advice for those venturing into the cold to face uncertainty!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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