Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Dinner Party

Having the 'O' Lady in my town (saying town, but meaning country) has reminded me of a 'thing' that was going around in the 90's...before everyone was on Facebook or blogging (imagine!)...

The question was...

If you could invite 7 people (living or dead) to a dinner party,
who would you ask?

Back then this was my list -

Dr Phil
Tom & Nicole (that would be awkward now)
Princess Diana
and I can't remember the others

Today, my list would be a little different -

Oprah - I believe she has an amazing spirit and I would love to be in the presence of it

Nicole Kidman - She is beautiful and I love her dignity and elegance

Keith Urban - To check if their magical chemistry is really real, and he could sing for us
(and we could have the party on the 26th October as a joint birthday party...his & mine!)
plus....eye candy!

Prince William - Almost Princess Diana only better

Kate Middleton - I want to see that ring up close

Hugh Jackman - Hello...eye candy! And he can sing, too.

Carl Barron - He is hilarious and every dinner party needs a few laughs

And I make number 8

That would make for a fun party I think!
I am a bit sorry that my husband missed out,
maybe it was a mistake not having any other non-famous people.
I might feel a tad overwhelmed and sit there like a stunned mullet the whole night!
I get totally star struck when I get a tweet from Hugh Sheridan!!

Who are your seven??

Oh, and PS...I'd have it catered of course, because I can't cook!
Oh, AND PPS...I also have 7 bloggers that I would love to invite to a dinner party, but I can't name know why...and you probably know who you are anyhow.
I bet that party would be much more fun!!


  1. I think out dinner tables would look very different! LOL

  2. I can safely say that we would not be double-booking guests! Your original list was looking more interesting - nicole and tom, now there would be some stories, but I wouldn't want to be in the room with either of them, not to mention Princess Di, who sadly wouldn't have much to say at all now! I hope you can pull it off in 2011. Perhaps Oprah could arrange it for you?

  3. Must remember not to pick the same night as you! I couldnt stand to not have Hugh Jackman there!
    As for the other 6...
    I'll have to think about that!

  4. I'd love to have Henry Cavill over, but I'd just sit there and drool and not be able to eat a thing. That'd be no fun! (Just embarrassing.)

    You'd have to talk to Nicole about her botox tho. Going too far. Sorry. Sad, but true.


  5. I think having Nicole and Tom at the same table would be perfect dinner party material - especially if you brought up the topic of scientology!!

    I think Hugh would be on most people's lists wouldn't he? In fact bugger anyone else, I'll just have him....oh and my husband [of course]....


  6. I would invite Matt Damon and then when he got there, he'd be my only guest! hubba hubba!!

  7. I would struggle to limit it to 7. And then I'd stress so much I wouldn't enjoy it. But I'd have Oprah. O yes.


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