Monday, December 20, 2010

Too Tired

I'm too tired to blog.
I'm too tired to write.
I'm too tired to think.
I'm too tired to tweet.
I'm too tired to read blogs.
I'm too tired to comment.

School for who?
Not me!!
Two weeks in and I'm exhausted.

I hope I get some energy and motivation back soon
because I'm missing my bloggy world.


  1. Take care, lovely, enjoy your Christmas and we look forward to hearing from you again soon. xxx

  2. Two weeks in already. We just started today down here. Hope you get your bloggie mojo back soon :O) sounds like a day of reading on the lounge might be called for at your house??

  3. Nice poem. Our holidays have just started and I'm not so bothered I have nothing to read right now. I can't believe I ever had time to read ;)

  4. I get that feeling. I'm only four days into the holidays and that's enough for me... See you in the New Year!


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