Saturday, December 4, 2010

Warning - RANT...

I posted a few days ago about being perimenopausal.
Well, it's reared its ugly head again and I'm feeling so angry right now!

I'm angry about being fat, I am so sick of being fat.
And despite my best efforts at doing nothing trying to lose weight, I am still fat.
I don't feel like myself and I don't look like myself.
I hate my balloon boobs and podgy tummy.

I'm angry with our society for being fatist and promoting the 'thin is beautiful' image.
Bring back the days where women never exercised (not were expected to) and wore clothing that hid the imperfections (yeah, so what if they look like muumuus!) My Grandma, my Nan and my Mum never exercised a day in their lives, I'm from a long line on non-exercisers. Don't make me start now! Oh to be 'ladies' again and grow old gracefully. Ah, is that the feminists I can hear chuckling? Well, go on, wear your skimpy tops with your bra straps hanging out (God, I hate that!), go for a run and leave me alone!

I'm angry with our food manufacturers and supermarkets for causing the obesity epidemic. Yep, you heard, I'm blaming them! How long have we been eating processed food for? And how long has the weight issue been around for? Correlation?? I think so. Sorry David Gillespie, sugar has been around forever, the obesity epidemic has not. If the shops stopped selling crap, and better still, if the manufacturers stopped making it, we'd be so much better off. If only they'd forget about the mighty dollar...yeah right!

And if I've pee-ed off anyone by writing this rant today, so what!
No one is reading anymore anyway.
I'm angry and I'll damn well express it if I want to.

Maybe it's time to buy Remifemin.....


  1. I am reading. I hear you babe.


    You can exercise, or not.

    You can buy and eat crap, or not.

    You can be angry, or not.


  2. I agree with you and Lucy:-)
    who cares ,you do what YOU only wanna do stuff what others think :-P
    I hate looking in the mags with air brushed skinny shits!
    I am also reading and hear what you are saying hun :-) xxx chin up

  3. Hahaha. LOVE it. Rant it out babe. Otherwise you might just buy some of that crap and eat those feelings.

    {I know what you mean about no one reading anymore, well I hope I do, I feel like the only one on my blog these days. Sad. AND don't even get me started on book reading. Booo}

  4. That Lucy is very wise. And correct. It's okay to be angry and frustrated, but at the end of the day the choices you make are your own ones. The big thing I've learned this year is that I own those choices, not anyone else. Not the manufacturers or the supermarkets.
    Hugs Thea and I hope the anger passes soon x

  5. Maybe it is my age but people wearing their bras hanging out is my absolute pet fashion hate....

    The good news about being perimenopausal is that in 5 minutes time you will be happy as larry. Aaah Mood swings....

  6. I haven't had much time for reading lately Thea but I read your rant :-)

    I guess in days gone by women did a lot more passive exercise, like walking the kids to school or the park, more manual housework etc.

    Try walking round the shops (although it might be good for your figure maybe not so good for your wallet)

  7. I can't help my bra hanging out :( It's that or cover myself with material that makes me feel really hot and sick - as much as I hate everyone seeing my ugly maternity bra I'd rather not feel sick...

    But yeah, I hate people who look at others and judge them on their "imperfections" - so what if I have floppy arms and belly? I'm happy!

  8. Get it all out Thea, it's your blog, so you can write what you want.

    It's funny I read this now, as my husband and I had a very similar conversation about processed foods and why and when did we start eating like this. We are trying to cut out as much processed food as possible but it is very difficult.


    Jade x

  9. I'm blog surfing and just read your rant. I'm so with you!

  10. Lucy said it so well.
    You said it well about the shops and the mighty dollar.
    Took me ten years to make the choice to only eat stuff that doesn't hurt me.
    I miss fun food. I love feeling awesome and being able to get out and about. My issue is not weight, but allergies and other stuff. And it still took me all that time to make the decision to eat what made me feel good, rather than just tasted good.
    Choice. :-)


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