Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Staff Parties

I've got my boy at home with me now, he has just finished his last day of his first year at school.
I cannot believe how swiftly that flew by!
It was a very emotional day for a lot of people.

My boy had a little anxiety attack in the church for the final Mass. His teacher had to come and find me so I could sit with him. He was fine once we were out of the church. I think he just had a lot of feelings that he didn't quite know how to process.

My boy's teacher was very emotional saying goodbye to all the little darlings, I don't blame her!

I felt teary and a bit lost that it was all over...

And then I came home a reminisced about what I would have been doing if I was teaching...

I'd be partying!!

The staff Christmas dinner was always the week or so before the end of school.

But my favourite party was the end of school year party luncheon.

After an emotional goodbye to another group of children and parents that I'd grown very close to over the year, sitting around celebrating with the other teachers was the perfect pick-me-up.

The best parties luncheons I've been to were at a school I taught at for six years in Logan. The PP (parish priest) would send around a list to all staff members a week before the do, asking what we would like to drink. Then he bought everything, I mean everything, on the list. Seriously, if you wrote it, he bought it!  This PP also had the best stocked presbytery bar I have ever seen. (God bless his soul.)

These luncheons went on well into the evening and I do vaguely recall karaoke being involved.

Good times.....

How about you?
Did/do you enjoy staff Christmas parties?
And what's the best/worst you ever got up to??



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You both survived, Best staff party ever - too many to think about but usually ended in late nights and cans home, Oh how I miss those days.

  2. I've never been a fan of the work Christmas party. Having said that, I am super glad you enjoyed yours so much. My little mate is finishing up Kindy too in a couple of weeks and it is pretty amazing how quickly the year has flown by :)

  3. Well done Thea, for making it through the year so well - both of you!

    I worked for Optus in Sydney in the nineties - their Christmas parties were legendary......


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