Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's Saturday My Pretty!

On Saturdays I'm going to post three photos of pretty things that I have taken during the week.
Because I love pretty things...

I think this is the prettiest house in our town.

I love this flowering shrub, the geisha girl.

My Little Ponies didn't exist when I was little, so I am loving my daughter's!

What are the pretty things in your world?
Link up and join in if you wish.


  1. Oh the home & flowers are gorgeous, not sure on the MLP, i have all but avoided ponies with 3 girls. They are certainly a bit more sophisticated than when we were little, with hair that changes & pony accessories!! Enjoy, it's all bonding, love Posie

  2. Love that house. Girl Child has MLP's but thankfully not it's not taken over the house as yet. The Ponyville ones are cute.

    BTW I gave you an award. Drop by to collect it wen you have a chance.

  3. Beautiful pics of some very pretty things. My Little Ponies are adorable. I had a couple as a little girl and I'm so glad they're still (or back) in vogue. I wonder if my boys would like one?! Gorgeous house... oh to have a verandah like that! Dreeeam :o)

  4. My Little Ponies are a huge hit in our house.

    I love that house photo - there is something about a house with a verandah.


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