Friday, January 21, 2011

There's Something About Castles

I don't know what it is exactly.
But a castle, or any grand building, does something to me.
And I'm not sure why.

For as long as I can remember I've been completely enchanted by castles, palaces, manors, halls...
with so many rooms and the possibility of getting lost in the labyrinth of hallways and staircases.
The dim light, the dank musty smell.
The history, the multitude of past dwellers who surely must have left some part of their spirit behind somewhere inside the grand walls.

I've always been an indoor person so I suppose I love the idea of being able to have such a huge space to stay inside in.

I've just started reading Kate Morton's The Distant Hours and her description of Milderhurst Castle has done it again. I feel a sense of familiar. I feel like I am there, was there, belong there.

Is it a case of a past life peeking through into my present, or a serious case of PS (Princess Syndrome)?

It's most likely to be the later.
Grandiose dreams, wishful thinking.

But when I touched the gates of Sandringham, walked the halls of Kensington, strolled around Napoleon's Apartments in the Louvre...I felt like I was a part of it or it was a part of me.


I love the feeling of being engulfed by the enormity of the building.
Of finding a room, or rooms, or spaces of my own.
Hidden from everyone else.

To sit, to read, to play.

To live, to be.

Oh yes, now that's a 'T'!

PS  @FrancieJones just left this link for me on Twitter! 
I am OMG-ing all over the palace, I mean place! ;)


  1. How interesting. I've been to Europe a few times but didn't visit many castles, except in Scotland. What's funny is the difference between these pictures and your recent post about floods in the Queensland town you live in. Escapism? If you do think it's a past life thing, I recommend reading Brian Weiss, a psychiatrist who found that when he hypnotised his patients, they went back into past lives.

  2. I love castles too. I wish Kate wrote more about the castle. As long as the castle came with staff.... I would so love to live in one... the ball room, the library, a special room just for me to write... a mote... ahhhh

  3. Hey Shelle, looks like you and I are the only ones interested in castles. Maybe we were princess sisters in a previous life!! LOL ;)

  4. I've never been to a castle, but I love the outside of them, and I definitely adore the last picture with the books and couches. Aaaah!xx

  5. i've always had a thing for medievil ones :)

  6. I reckon it's a past life peeking through! The photos are gorgeous. I love the interiors and amazing architecture, but I always think there's "others" wandering around and it gives me the shivers brrrrrrr!! x

  7. Thea, I love these images.

    I lived,as a child, in a little town in England with a castle - you would have loved it...


  8. I love castles too. Absolutely fascinating and filled with history. Love that final pic the most. That room looks gorgeous!

    Hey - maybe you were a princessj in a former life!

  9. I think you need to change your name to something regal or castle-like such as Thea's Turrets, Palatial Princess- no you've got to be the queen. Why not Queen Thea?
    I realise that I did visit castles in Germany and Austria, Altenburg was beautiful, Fussen and Salzburg.
    Pics: &
    Looking forward to reading your novel.


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