Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Summer - The Undignified Season

Just after I got up and at 'em this morning, I logged onto the internet and checked the weather forecast, as I do every morning.

Today's maximum is supposed to be 34degC.
Current temp is 23 (that is perfect, by the way).
Current humidity 90%...ick!
Predicted temp for 9am is 30degC!

I'm sorry, there is no better way to say it, Summer sucks!
Unless you like feeling sticky and drippy with sweat, I guess.

How can you feel good when you feel like the air is stifling you?
How can you feel comfortable in social situations when you have wet patches under your arms, down your back, and if you're really lucky, under your boobs??
How can you enjoy being outdoors when you're in danger of being burnt to a crisp in 2 seconds or eaten alive by mozzies in less than 2 seconds???

My kids' legs are covered with red, weepy bites.
My skin is still a little red from a couple of hours at Aussie World on the weekend.
I keep snapping at my husband, "Don't touch me!" because I'm so hot and sticky and his hands feel like they're burning me.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I was not made for this climate.

Give me gorgeous Autumn with cool mornings and the promise of cooler weather to come.

Give me sensible Winter when you can enjoy the outdoors and rug up in cozy clothes.

Give me beautiful Spring with the pretty spring gardens and crisp blue skies.

Just take Summer away, dump it somewhere undignified, and don't ever bring it back.

Summer...I hate you!


  1. Agreed, agreed, agreed - take summer out of the seasons... extend autumn and spring :o)

  2. I actually love Summer means days of wearing clothes, swimmers or next to nothing in your own home.

    It also means time for BBQ's, salads & eating outdoors (So not much cooking invloved as in other Seasons)

    Time for cool refreshing drinks, time to enjoy the weather by going swimming,fishing & other water sports.

    I love all seasons as they have their good & bad points to them.

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  3. Same here. I can look hawt in winter, but just look manky in summer...

    Give me a winter chill anyday!

  4. Summer used to be my favourite season with its long days and sultry evenings, but since I moved to the tropics, I much prefer 'winter', which is actually just like summer was for me in Canada. Summer here should have a different name, something akin to "Sauna".

    I miss autumn with its colours and spring with the flowers blooming all at once, but I can still do without the snow. I'd like the kids to see what it is like to play in it, but only for a visit.

  5. Like tropical Mum I used to love summer too. Endless days of living in sarongs, and swimming throughout the day. (I worked from home, I could get away with it).
    Now, whether it's menopause or extra padding, I just get too damn hot. And I'm too worried about skin damage and skin cancer, since I'm in the highest risk group.
    I love spring and autumn, even though we don't get as much of a contrast in Qld. Winter is okay, but generally too cold. Unless you're in a snow field chalet, drinking hot chocolate by a fireplace!

  6. Hey Thea, I'm a hearin' ya, loud and clear......
    I don't enjoy Summer either. At the end of each day, I tell myself it's one day closer to Winter, yay
    This season has been much more bearable, due to the lower temps and of course the drought has broken.Obviously the floods have been terrible but we are half way through this Summer and I'm coping. Used to live on the Gold Coast, gorgeous in WInter and that's it.....
    We have actually had quite a bit of humidity, which has been unpleasant. But I have air con I'm not flooded out and we have enough heat to ripen the tomatoes, so I won't complain... this year!

  7. Hello, just new to blogging and thought I'd stop by and let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I can very much relate to your loathing of summer at the moment. Used to LOVE it as a kid... now as a mama, not so much! My 3 year old has quite possibly the WORST mozzie bites I've ever seen. They're rampant this year with all this heat & moisture, it's just inviting them to make us their own human pin cushions :o/ Roll on Autumn :o)

  8. I am so not looking forward to the mozzie bites I will inevitably get once summer actually comes to call in Melbourne.

  9. I'm with you. Summer is my most hated season. I don't cope well with it. I'm not built for summer. I need a summer home in the Northern hemisphere so I can live in eternal not summer. And although I'm not a sweater, like ever. Now that I'm pregnant I feel like I'm a great big sweating beast.

  10. I'm with you, summer sucks!
    Take it away please!
    You forgot to mention the god-awful discomfort and possible chafing of crotch and bum-crack sweat. Ugh!

    Get some insect repellant for your kids arms and legs.There are gentle products mad especially for kids.


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