Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If I Ever Get Back to England...

This morning as I was reading my Women's Weekly I stumbled across an article about the Mitford sisters. This story was about Deborah in particular and her home, Chatsworth House.

Amazing, isn't it?

This reminded me a little of Holkham Hall, whose's estate I was fortunate enough to drive through on a visit to England.

With my love of castles and grand houses, it got me thinking...
I am going to do a little research (i.e. do some Google searches) and come up with a list of houses/halls/castles/palaces that are open to the public and I would love to see, if I ever get back to England.
A bucket list of grand designs, as it were.
So, as I start saving my pennies, dollars, mega bucks...enjoy my list.
And please let me know if you know of any I should add to it.

1. Chatsworth House - see above.

2. Holkham Hall - see above.

3. Althorp Estate...of course!

4. Sandringham House - the Queen's winter residence.

5. Apsley House - this was the Duke of Wellington's London home.

6. Kedleston Hall - where The Duchess was filmed.

7. Penrhyn Castle - in Wales.

9. Longleat House - this would be fun for the kids as well!

10. Hatfield House.

12. Blenheim Palace - the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.

13. Windsor Castle - one of the Queen's residences.

14. Buckingham Palace

15. Palace of Holyroodhouse - the Queen's residence in Edinburgh.

16. Kensington Palace - I have been inside KP, but I would love to go again and take some pics!

17. Frogmore House - where Queen Victoria & Prince Albert are buried.

18. Hardwick Hall

19. Castle Howard

20. Hampton Court Palace

I think I might need one of these!

A Great British Heritage Pass


That should keep me busy, and broke, for awhile!


  1. Oh what lovely places. I have a dream to visit many of the castles (most are now ruins) of Plantagenet England and France.

    As soon as I have finished my pub crawl.

  2. Sounds like someone may have been English royalty or the like in a past life :-) A princess? :-)

  3. Such a comprehensive list Thea! I just enjoyed looking at the pics, gorgeous!

  4. The problem is... they're so controlling! I'd love to go and have free reign over the building for a week hehehe

  5. You're adorable. Don't forget Arundel Castle. Home to the Duke of Norfolk. xx


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