Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's Saturday My Pretty

On Saturdays I'm going to post three photos
of pretty things that I have taken during the week.
Because I love pretty things...

My eternity ring, I adore it!

I don't know what these are called, but aren't they divine?

Our local church, I don't visit enough. It's even prettier inside...loads of stained glass windows!
Look for the pretty in your world and link it up below.
Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Morning Thea, Lovely pics. I am struggling to find something pretty after a week of looking after a snotty feverish baby.....but I will have a bit of a look around later on and hopefully have something to post. Thanks again for the "IT" post, i had been feeling left out a bit too and you saying that has eased things a bit after a tough week on the mummy front xx

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  3. I want an eternity ring :( or one of those rings that have your childrens birthstones in them - can't remember what they are called - must go look it up....
    Oh and your blog made me jump about ten ft in the air - the royal wedding video plays by itself (not sure if you are aware). Mans voice from nowhere was a little odd :) :)
    and then very amusing :)
    I love churches, so pretty most of them. I think thats why i get upset with the brown brick block know the late 70s ones?
    HUGS (loving being able to comment - and may do my own pretty today :) )

  4. Great photos Thea! and love your eternity ring.

  5. love your eternity ring!

    i was very spoiled and got my eternity ring a mere 6 months after we got married - we were moving to oztralia and wanted to get it in england - so for 10 years ive had 3 rings on my wedding finger - it feels naked when i take them off for any reason and forget to put them back on!

    those flowers are divine!! love the dark and light pink!


  6. This is lovely! What a great idea. I am often stopping to marvel at pretty things but rarely do I photograph them. Will start!! That way i can join in ... keep this going ...

  7. Oh how I miss that church, so beautiful!
    PS. Love your ring and the flowers too :-)

  8. Beautiful pictures, all three. I love your eternity ring.

    I wish this challenge didn't have to be pictures we take ourselves. I never remember to take my camera anywhere.

    Pretty pics I collect, but few of them are my own.

  9. Melissa, you have the most gorgeous pics all over your blog. Please change the rules to pics not taken by you and join in if you like. I would love to see some more pretty!! :)

  10. Hi Thea,

    I'm a new follower (after 'meeting' on Twitter)
    Beautiful eternity ring! I'm still waiting on mine - I think he thinks eternity is how long I should wait for one!

    The flower is a dipladenia (I'm pretty sure that one is the Red Riding Hood) I've got one in my garden too & they're just stunning! I know nothing about plants, but because I've had that one for ages & managed to not kill it I thought I should find out it's name!

  11. What a divine eternity ring. I secretly would LOVE one of those. But I'd never ask for it. Coming up to seven years of marriage this year. Will be interesting to see if hubby ever thinks to adorn my finger with one!


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