Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am left-handed.
It's one of the things that make me feel a bit special.
I love that it makes me a little different.
I love that left-handers are said to be more creative and artistic.
It is a little annoying that the world is geared for right-handers.
But I wouldn't give up being a lefty for anything.
I get excited when I discover other left-handers and always notice them on TV or the big screen.
Here are some famous mollydookers (I hate that term, by the way)...

Albert Einstein
Amanda Keller
Angelina Jolie
Barack Obama
Bruce Willis
Emma Thompson
Faith Hill
Hugh Jackman
Jason Alexander
Jerry Seinfeld
Jimi Hendrix
Judy Davis
Julia Roberts
Keanu Reeves
Leonardo da Vinci
Monica Seles
Ned Flanders
Nicole Kidman
Oprah Winfrey

Paul McCartney
Phil Collins
Rod Laver
Tim Allen
Whoopie Goldberg

Great list, huh?
Beautiful, talented, funny, clever.

So when I discovered my husband was left-handed, too...on the night I met him...I was a little lot excited!
We always presumed at least one of our children would be left-handed, so imagine our surprise when both turned out to be right-handed.
I know it's silly, but I was a teensy bit disappointed.
There are left-handers dotted all over both sides of our families.
Both of our mothers are left-handed.

I think it's a bit special that both my husband and I are left-handed.

Do you know of any other couples who are both left-handed?
And do they have left-handed children?

Maybe we stopped too early.


  1. ohh i had no idea there are so many lefties in this world!! I am right handed & my husband is left handed... The funny thing is i eat left handed because my father was a leftie and he was the one who taught me to eat..
    The conversation often arises about what our daughter will be - i guess its just a massive waiting game ;)
    Do your children eat right or left handed?

  2. i too enjoy being a leftie Thea - being a bit different. My hubbie is a right handed dude and our two girls are alas right handed also :)
    I think Sarah Jessica Parker is left as well as Jennifer Anniston (?)

  3. I am another proud lefty - that list is awesome, lots of people I admire there.
    My hubs is a righty, who eats left handed and I eat right handed. It's still too early to know what my children are, both girls are able to draw with both hands currently, so fingers crossed at least one will take after me!

  4. Both my In-laws are lefty's. Their 4 children are all right handed and all 4 grand children are right handed. My uncle was a lefty but the wisdom of old fashioned nuns made him a righty.....never recovered. A cousin is a lefty and so is 1 of her 2 kids and they are very alike in personailities too! I always find it interesting to see where the genes will takes us.

  5. I'm a proud Lefty, but can't say I've ever heard the term 'mollydooker'?? My husband is right-handed and we (think) we have one right-handed and one left-handed son. I secretly hoped that they would both be Lefties. as Lefties truly are a special breed ; )

  6. What a great line up!! My daughter is left-handed and is learning to write in Kinder this year. It fascinates me that she seems to be able to work out that she needs to push the pen, rather than pull, to get it correct. How are you lefties so clever? x

  7. Olivia is a lefty. I am going to show her your amazing list!

    left handedness is recessive, along with red hair, green eyes, dimples and photic sneezing....Olivia has ALL these recessive traits...LOL! x

  8. Chasing a Miracle - they both eat right handed. They do every thing right handed. :)

  9. I'm a leftie and so is my sister, though our parents are both right handed.... weird huh.

    My children are all right handed, though my daughters both eat left handed, and I eat right handed (confused?? I am)

  10. Hubby is left handed.... and to watch him cut bread is just...werid... HA! But they're all pretty smart I hear...

  11. I have 3 kids, the first two are lefties and the third one? The jury's still out. So, we'll see.

    My dad is ambidextrous.. he writes with both hands!! I think that's soo cool!

  12. funny.. because I was surrounded by lefties... I don't even notice! Miss 3 is still favouring her left

  13. I've always been jealous of lefties, but I live vicariously left through my husband!

  14. My hubby & I are both right handed & so is our son. My father in law & brother in law are both lefties. Our daughter looks to be a leftie as well.

    Funny how it works out right?

  15. I actually don't know any lefty couples. That's so cool!
    Looks like you're in great company. Cheers
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  16. Wow, what a great list of celebs! My brother and his wife are right-handed, but both their sons are left-handed. Everyone else in my family is right-handed too.


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